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Three advantages of clean room steel doors

Three advantages of clean room steel doors

08 Sep 2019

Now many medical institutions have applied high-quality steel clean room door, as an airtight door, its existence also provides great convenience for the daily work of these medical institutions, it is very practical.Why do you say that?As a manufacturer of clean room enclosures, Wiskind describes three advantages of clean room  doors.

High Tightness Cleanroom Steel Door

1、Use comfortable.

The quality is reliable Wiskind clean room steel door hardware is using advanced accessories, and are using the definition of the surface has hot dip plating or galvanizing layer of welding steel plate as the base material, clean steel door using high-voltage electrostatic powder spraying, so as to have the characteristics of safety and environmental protection.In addition, the use of the cleanroom doors in the process also save effort, only need to use the hand gently pushed it will automatically closed silently, which is conducive to the use of many patients with mobility problems in the hospital.Moreover, hospital, pharmaceutical clean room specially equipped with special anti-collision rubber strip, can reduce the door after the collision of the noise, very good maintenance of the quiet environment in the hospital atmosphere.

2、High tightness.

High tightness Cleanroom steel door sealing is very good, closed state will not exist crack and can effectively avoid air conditioning or heating overflow.Therefore, the installation and use of clean room steel doors can help hospitals save more cooling or heating costs, and at the same time is conducive to creating a comfortable indoor environment with appropriate temperature and body and mind feeling, which is flush with the modular clean room wall panel, beautiful and generous.

3、Strong durability.

Clean steel door handles and hinges and other relatively easy wear accessories are imported hardware, and professional manufacturers will strictly test the use of products to ensure the use of products cycle.And opposite to average wood door character, the cost performance of cleanroom steel door should hold bigger advantage apparently, no matter be resistant to knock respect or keep clean respect to be superior to apparently common wood door.Steel cleanroom doors also last longer than similar products on the market.

Clean Room Steel Doors

To sum up, the clean steel door has the characteristics of comfortable use, and has a high tightness, durability is also very strong, can meet the needs of all aspects of medical institutions, especially in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories is very effective application.

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