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19 Jan, 2022

Great Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a basic substance contained in the body itself. Hyaluronic acid, as a water medium, helps water stay in our bodies to do its job. Hyaluronic acid content is the highest in infants and children, and gradually decreases with age, when skin aging, joint degeneration, arteriosclerosis, presbyopia and other symptoms will begin to appear.

Cleanroom Wall Panel

Each hyaluronic acid molecule can firmly lock up 1000 times its own weight of water, is worthy of the name "natural moisturizing factor". Replenish hyaluronic acid to make the body plump and resist aging.

"The light of China goods"  BLOOMAGE BIOTECH

There is a saying in hyaluronic acid  field, the world hyaluronic acid is China, China hyaluronic acid is Bloomage Biotech. Bloomage Biotech is a leading biotechnology company and bioactive materials company focusing on functional sugars and amino acids that contribute to human health.

Bloomage Bio's Jinan R&D and production base located in Jinan, the spring city, is the focus of Bloomage's investment in technology research and development. The clean room workshop is strictly constructed in accordance with GMP standards and meets the quality management standards for drug production.

It is not only the world's largest hyaluronic acid production base, but also brings the world's top hyaluronic acid raw material and end product production lines together. The planned land area of the project is 203 mu, with a total construction area of nearly 300,000 square meters. It uses 20,000 square meters of Wiskind cleanroom panels and more than 300 clean doors and windows.

Build clean life, empower new life experience

The raw materials and ingredients used in cosmetics are prone to deterioration. In the production process of cosmetics, the cleanliness of the production equipment is extremely high. The total number of bacteria in the air of the clean workshop should not exceed 1000/m3. The requirements of the clean room environment determine the quality of the product.

This project adopts rock wool with double layer of MGO clean room panel. The construction workshop is semi-finished product storage room, filling room, clean container storage room, dressing room and buffer zone, etc. The cleanroom level reaches ten thousand.

Wiskind controls the product quality from the source. The mesh spacing and material of Fiberglass Gridding Cloth in magnesium plate have a certain relationship with the dimensional stability and cracking resistance of the panel. At present on the market, non GB magnesium panel is clay pot cloth on both sides,the density is less then 12g/㎡. Wiskind adopts to platinum cloth on both sides, and the mesh is 4mm*4mm, the density more then 50 g/㎡.

Cleanroom Panel

About the water content, Wiskind's suppliers have built a special greenhouse, and control the water content through two greenhouse maintenance. At the time, that is equipped with professional equipment and personnel to do experimental testing for each batch.

Wiskind aluminum frame cleanroom door, the raw material is made of color steel plate, which has strong weather resistance and corrosion resistance. The three sides of the door leaf was produced by German production technology, imported polyurethane glue is foamed on site, and the sealing performance is excellent. The core material is flame-retardant paper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb, which is light and has high structural strength.

GMP Cleanroom

As the only supplier of pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid in China, BLOOMAGE BIOTECHNOLOGY is the most influential company in China's medical beauty and anti-aging industry. Wiskind Clean Tech Company has won customers, peers and all walks of life with its superb skills and sincere attitude respect and praise.

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