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Master Series & Steel Cleanroom Doors

/High-quality Spraying Steel Paper Honeycomb Cleanroom Doors For Pharmaceutical Factories

High-quality Spraying Steel Paper Honeycomb Cleanroom Doors For Pharmaceutical Factories

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  • Color:

  • Specification:

    900mm*2100mm,1000mm*2100mm, 1200mm*2100mm,1500mm*2100mm
  • Filler:

    Flame retardant paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb
  • View panel:

    Double glazing, frosted glass, rounded corners, right angles, (border white and black)
  • Surface treatment:

    Electrostatic resin powder coating
  • Lock:

    Handle Lock
  • Hinge:

    304 stainless steel hinge
  • Sealing device:

    Door sealing strip and door bottom automatically pressing the sealing strip
Wiskind spraying steel cleanroom door is made of high-quality galvanized steel plate (or 304 SS), which is made by integral bending and joint welding. The surface of the clean door is sprayed with smooth surface. The clean surface of the door is smooth and smooth, and it is easy to clean.

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  • Product Details

Single Cleanroom Doors Specification

900mm*2100mm  1000mm*2100mm

Double Cleanroom Doors Specification

1200mm*2100mm  1500mm*2100mm

Door Frame Thickness

Galvanized Sheet 1.2mm

Door Leaf Thickness

Galvanized Sheet 1.0mm


Paper Honeycomb, Aluminum Honeycomb


Double Glazing,Frosted Glass

Rounded Corners,Right Angles

Border : White  Black

Surface Treatment

Electrostatic Resin Powder Coating


304 Stainless Steel Handle Lock, Elbow Pressure Ball Lock                                            

Can be Equipped With Electronic Interlock

GEZE / Allegion Locks


304 Stainless Steel Hinge

Sealing Device

Door Sealing Strip

Door Bottom Automatically Pressing The Sealing Strip

Manufacturing Capacity

Wiskind from the domestic introduction of advanced cleanroom doors and Windows production equipment up to more than 20 sets, from raw materials to doors and Windows products off the line, high-precision automation production process in the industry occupies a leading position, to first-class product quality to meet the fierce market demand. Wiskind with Italian PrimaPower PuMa treasure - before full import sheet metal production lines, with automatic control of feeding positioning shearing machine, CNC bending machine, and adopts many sets of Japan YASKAWA robot welding automation and the international advanced aluminum alloy doors and Windows equipment, can use the international latest technology and equipment to ensure product quality, further exert their own advantages, better service to customers, enhance the brand image.

 Japan YASKAWA Robot


1、The steel cleanroom door is made of high-quality galvanized steel sheet, which has high strength and is made of international advanced equipment and automatic machine joint welding. It has beautiful appearance and good air tightness.

2、Surface electrostatic resin powder coating (stainless steel surface matte treatment), the overall surface is smooth, no dust, easy to clean.

3、The cleanroom door leaf sandwich material is filled with flame retardant paper honeycomb、aluminum honeycombthe overall light and high structural strength.

Steel Cleanroom Door

Is it Good to Use Cleanroom Steel Door in Clean Room 

Cleanroom steel door I believe we all know it, we can see his figure in many pharmaceutical cleanroom, food clean room, now even many public places, offices can be seen, cleanroom steel door has become our most commonly used products, that steel cleanroom door is good?Let's learn about it together.

Features of Cleanroom Steel Door 

There are many different styles of cleanroom steel doors in appearance, whether in color or appearance, Wiskind can provide customized services according to customers' requirements.Steel door interior filled with new environmental protection flame retardant heat insulation materials, in the concave and convex parts of the facade by professional equipment stereotypes, environmental protection adhesive pressed molding.In the combination of door and door frame, glass around, do sealing treatment, so that the sealing performance is greatly strengthened.Lift sweepers are installed under the door panels to ensure the air tightness of the room.

Product specifications: 900*2100 mm, 1200*2100 mm, 1500×2100 mm.Of course, we can customize cleanroom steel doors of other sizes according to the needs of customers, and use and install with cleanroom panel, flush and beautiful.

Precautions for Steel Cleanroom Door Installation 

Cleanroom steel door in the installation process, considering the bending deformation of the door frame this problem, in the lower part of the door frame are supported with steel bar, the lower part of the door frame in the installation need to be seconded, and then the door frame and cleanroom wall panels connection. Different cleanroom wall panels use different door frames, so Wiskind will ask customers what kind of wall to use when purchasing, so as to avoid the phenomenon that cannot be installed.

Airtight Requirements for Cleanroom Steel Doors 

The cleanroom steel door shall not be less than 10mm overlapped with the door frame, and the gap between the two sides shall not be more than 4mm.The aperture after steel door installation closes cannot be too big, otherwise the airtight performance of steel door assures hard.

Cleanroom Steel DoorProduct Technical Support 

Wiskind cleanroom enclosure products show great attention to the optimization and design of the use of main and auxiliary materials, plate structure, and system structure, and have a number of patent technologies.

Wiskind has a team of professional technical and project management workers. From the initial project design to project management, our professional technical staff are always with you to give the best architectural solution.

The high level design ensures the excellent function and appearance of the product, fully embodying the product idea of standardization, modular construction and integrated solution, to better cater for the customer's individual demand in the challenging projects of strict purification.

Product Technical Support

Quality Control

In terms of on-site management, we implement TPM5S on-site management, full efficiency, full system and full participation; C-QTC quality management system, always adhering to the "all members are quality control, quality zero defects, customer-oriented, improve and promote" The quality policy, strengthen the quality awareness of all employees, clarify the responsible person of each process quality, use the scientific method of total quality management, and implement quality control of all staff, comprehensive and whole process.

From raw material to finished products realize seamless testing to ensure the quality of the stability of the product. Advanced laboratories, perfect experimental equipment, standardized national standard test procedure to ensure the accuracy and authority data. At the same time, the laboratory is important to support to improve the quality of our product and process improvement.

Wiskind is a national high-tech enterprise, has always attached importance to r & d innovation. It has undertaken 15 provincial and municipal scientific and technological projects, 5 scientific and technological achievements appraisal, applied for more than 160 patents, and has 90 valid patents.

Quality Control

After Sales Service

Wiskind provides a comprehensive solution plan for professional cleanrooms and implements all-round, integrated services, including requirements analysis, project design, quotation, production order, delivery, construction guidance and daily use and maintenance services. China's 4 subsidiaries, 13 offices and more than 100 business and technical personnel throughout the country, to provide customers with timely, face-to-face services. 

The information management system covers all business processes and cooperates with large-scale logistics companies at home and abroad. The models are complete and the transportation network covers the whole country. Standardized packaging and loading procedures ensure that products are delivered safely and efficiently, making customer service more standardized and efficient. Equipped with a professional after-sales problem processing center, information registration and registration of the completed construction project, regular return visits, and one-to-one efficient processing of the problems, Wiskind promise: Tell me your needs, the rest to us!

After Sales Service

Got Free Inquiry Now
We will contact you as soon as possible!
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If you have questions or suggestions, please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can !

Got Free Inquiry Now We will contact you as soon as possible!
If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!