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Wiskind imported advanced equipment and production technology from overseas, with No.1 World-first and independent intellectual property rights of the clean room panels automatic production line, forming an annual production capacity of more than 2 million square meters.Cooperated with Shandong University to establish a technical research institute, equipped with more than 40 professional equipment, providing clean room enclosure system solutions for many hospitals.

Hospital medical industry is a very large and special industries, especially in a hospital operating room clean room air cleanliness requirements are very high, usually qualified hospital operating room of hospital air clean engineering or medical clean room of the minimum requirements to use efficiency as the prefilter and efficiency of 30% to 90% of the high efficiency filter combined with filtering.HEPA filters are not required in general but in special cases such as isolation rooms, specific test and care areas.

Hospital Clean Room Enclosure System

Clean operating room category and grade reference:

The clean room in the hospital system was first used in the operating room, what we now call the hospital operating room clean project.As one of the important functional divisions of hospital, the engineering quality of clean room directly affects the use of hospital and the treatment of patients.To improve the engineering quality of hospital clean room, we must pay attention to the design, construction and maintenance.

The clean operating room with the most extensive application of clean environment in the hospital is a modern operating room that USES air cleaning technology to replace the traditional ultraviolet radiation and other means to control the pollution of the whole process.Infection rates can be more than 10 times lower in a clean room, reducing or eliminating antibiotics that can harm a patient's immune system.Both clean and sterile is the characteristic of clean operating room.

Hospital clean rooms include operating room, obstetrics department, infant and young child ward (NICU), ICU(intensive care unit), burn ward and anatomic room, purification laboratory, artificial dialysis room, specimen room, etc., whose engineering quality has a direct and important relationship with medical quality.


The code for construction and acceptance of clean rooms (hereinafter referred to as the "code ") emphasizes that fresh air must follow the principle of three-stage filtration.This is because compared with the air conditioning system, the dust concentration load ratio of fresh air in the purification system is up to more than 90%. Therefore, in order to operate the quality, it is necessary to emphasize the three-level filtration of fresh air.Now the hospital department of clean surgery standards and norms have been set this as a regulation.

Designers must ensure the quality of clean room engineering, but also must do a serious investigation and investigation of the hospital clean room construction site, otherwise the design of clean room engineering quality will reduce the standard.Design is the basis of clean room engineering quality, hospital operating room purification engineering design must not be careless, need to constantly solve problems to meet the requirements of clean room engineering quality, so design is the first guarantee of clean room engineering quality.

2、Road Work

(1)Quality control points in preparation phase.

1.Do a good job in drawing review and technical disclosure. 

Fully understand the design intention, do a good drawing review and technical disclosure work is an important technical link to ensure the quality of clean room construction, find and solve difficult technical problems in the construction, to ensure the quality of clean room construction to lay a solid foundation.

There will be various contradictions in the construction, which requires the construction party to cooperate with the design and construction party to make reasonable changes on the premise of guaranteeing the construction quality of clean room.

2.Strictly control the quality of materials and equipment. 

Clean room materials and equipment are mainly modular clean room wall panels, roof, clean doors and Windows and air conditioning equipment materials.The clean board shall be inspected and verified in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant national engineering technical standards, construction quality acceptance specifications and design documents.Clean rooms should be made of dust-free, dust-free, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, easily cleanable and fireproof materials.Air conditioning insulation materials must also meet the relevant provisions of the state to achieve corrosion resistance, no dust, no adhesion to dust and fire requirements.

Hospital Clean Room

(2)Key points of engineering quality control.

1.Select a professionally trained construction team. 

Clean room construction involves decoration, hvac, electrical and medical gas and other professional, construction personnel must have a comprehensive understanding of clean room construction standards, construction technology, construction quality, otherwise, construction quality is difficult to be guaranteed.

2.Key control points of clean room seal. 

Clean indoor seal construction quality control is the important content of palisade structure of the seal, such as clean plates and clean wall panel should be evenly between sealant, controlled the air leakage, not clean indoor recessed appliance cabinet with clean install on wall, clean plate between sockets, switches, smoke detector, lighting box body medical light belt, of light and so on all need to use sealant to seal, between various pipelines and equipment cabinet and cabinet also is reliable and effective sealing measures must be adopted.

(3)Key points of quality control in acceptance stage.

After project completion, the construction unit shall organize relevant departments, medical department, the use of clean room design and construction units in accordance with engineering documents and related construction quality acceptance specification to strict quality acceptance of clean room, and shall entrust a qualified third party testing unit of clean room cleanliness control design documents and relevant standards for testing.


At a hospital, according to clean indoor staff suddenly fainted, as on the one hand is not effectively filter before air heater, the pipe the parts have been serious congestion on the road, because there is no maintenance, so that there is no fresh air suction, and air conditioning in the part of the fan belt, total air volume and small, lead to clean room is relatively closed, physique weaker swooning in long-term anoxic indoor will appear.

Through the above discussion, we can see that design, construction and maintenance is to ensure the quality of hospital clean room engineering trinity, indispensable.We can only ensure the functional rationality of the clean room drawings in the design, ensure the quality process control of the clean room in strict accordance with the drawings in the construction, and pay attention to the regular inspection and maintenance of the clean room engineering in peacetime, so as to ensure the engineering quality of the clean room from the perspective of total quality control.

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