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Manufacturing Capacity

As the construction of metal roof(wall) surface of the top ten enterprises, Wiskind sets up production base in Binzhou and Yantai and has the world.

Cleanroom Panels

Advanced Italy PUMA, Germany RAS and other automated production lines, The world's first automatic production line for cleanroom panels, designed and developed by Wiskind group, has full intellectual property rights. 

Compared with the traditional cleanroom panel manual production line, the automatic production line improves the production efficiency by 6-8 times. Forming, gluing, core filling, compound pressing and finished product palletizing are realized through accurate measurement and intelligent control, which can greatly improve the precision, strength, smoothness and beauty of the purifying plate, and make the product quality more stable. 

Truly, "Technology makes every cleanroom panel have the same quality."

Sandwich Panels

Wiskind from the domestic introduction of advanced doors and Windows production equipment up to more than 20 sets, from raw materials to doors and Windows products off the line, high-precision automation production process in the industry occupies a leading position, to first-class product quality to meet the fierce market demand. 

Doors And Windows Production Equipment

Wiskind with Italian PrimaPower PuMa treasure - before full import sheet metal production lines, with automatic control of feeding positioning shearing machine, CNC bending machine, and adopts many sets of Japan YASKAWA YASKAWA robot welding automation and the international advanced aluminum alloy doors and Windows equipment, can use the international latest technology and equipment to ensure product quality, further exert their own advantages, better service to customers, enhance the brand image.

Based on professional skill, excellent service and reliable quantity assurance, Wiskind looks forward to providing innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions. 

Doors Production Lines

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