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MINHAI BIOTECHNOLOG: the clean revolution caused by the one-piece corner panel

MINHAI BIOTECHNOLOG: the clean revolution caused by the one-piece corner panel

22 Feb, 2019

The "vaccine incident" happened last year set off alarm bells  for China's vaccine industry. the vaccine industry's upgrading, innovative development is at all imminent.

As an enterprise, which is focus on  innovation-oriented vaccine research and development, Minhai biotechnology takes up heavy responsibilities with originality and ingenuity. In January 2019,Minhai biotechnology's new project of inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine and human diploid cell rabies vaccine was completed.


The new project is constructed according to the new GMP standard and adopts the one-piece corner panel of Wiskind Steel Building.The one-piece corner panel with technology patent have  become the highlight of the project construction. Techwnical innovation achieves a new height of cleanliness.

Standard: higher than multinational corporation

As the main independent innovation-oriented enterprise of "vaccine national team", Minhai biotechnology holds the "863" project of many countries. Minhai rank the top in the process of local r&d and production of 13 - valent pneumococcal polysaccharide conjugate vaccine.

One Piece Cleanroom Corner Systems

Vaccine is related to the national economy and people's livelihood. Vaccine enterprises must meet high standards both in  raw materials and production process and inspection. A new project located in Beijing Daxing district,covering an area of 24525 ㎡, is a modern production base for polio vaccine + rabies vaccine. The production lines are designed by Dutch and German experts respectively, procuring  the most advanced international equipment. The project not only neet the new GMP standard, but higher than the multinational standard.

One Piece Aluminum Profile Cleanroom Corner Systems For Pharmaceutical

Polio vaccine production line Introduced a complete set of unique wsIPV production technology and quality management system of Intravacc from the Netherlands.

Products will be sourced by WHO, and the whole process is strongly supported by the Bill Gates and Melinda gates foundation. Rabies vaccine production Line, will also use the whole set of international advanced Pasteur human diploid rabies vaccine  technology.

Aluminum Profile Cleanroom Corner Systems

Solution:Victories of  structural innovation

The implementation of high technical standards is inseparable from the most stringent clean room construction. The customized system solutions of  Minhai biotechnology new project is provided by Wiskind. The clean room panels use area of more than 23,000 square meters overall ly, of which  the application area of the body corner plate reaches 1500 square meters, greatly improving the cleanliness.

One Piece Cleanroom Corner Systems

(1) eliminate the dead Angle of the structure

The traditional clean room corner is formed by the joint of the clean plate and the aluminum profile, which is easy to lead to  the phenomenon of dust accumulation in the contact position between the aluminum profile and the profile, and not easy to clean and disinfection. This is "structure dead angle"  in traditional maintenance system. And the GMP says,

The inner surface (wall, floor and ceiling) of the clean area shall be smooth and free from cracks, tight joints and no particles falls off, avoid to accumulate dust, facilitate effective cleanness, when necessary, ought to undertake disinfection.

One Piece Cleanroom Corner

The core solution of Wiskind clean system with technical patent -- integrated corner panel, perfectly solves the traditional dust phenomenon appears in  the contact position of the aluminum profile and the clean panels. Transforming the clean panels into whole corner panels can make  the corner position  smooth, no crack transition, the interface is more rigorous, without leakage phenomenon.

 Cleanroom Corner Systems

(2) eliminate the thermal bridge phenomenon

Thermal bridge not only shortens the life of building materials, but also affects the thermal insulation performance of clean panels, resulting in an increase of condensation dew. The use  cost rises. The thermal bridge phenomenon is often lies in the butt seam of the panels.

Pharmaceutical cleanroom Corner Systems

Panels: the ideal choice to challenge the limit

The main body clean panels adopted by the new project of Minhai biology,  whose core material is double gypsum rock wool panel with high flatness, strong toughness and corrosion resistance and pollution resistance, belongs to the ideal choice of clean field.

Modular Cleanroom Wall System

Double layer plaster panels use product of saint gobai, which is the building materials magnate. have characteristics  of moistureproof, stable,  high grade and so on. The flatness of non-wedge  is higher, gypsum and high quality marine rock wool panel form a seamless structure, so that the  flatness, strength, also the fire performance improved a lot.

China Modular Cleanroom Wall Panels

The automatic production line is designed and developed independently by Wiskind steel products, which is the first of its kind in the world and has national patents.  The precision, flatness and aesthetics of clean panels have been greatly improved, truly achieved  "technology makes every purification panel the same".

Customization High Strength Modular Hardwall Biological Cleanroom Wall Panel

Adapt to the challenges of stringent purification engineering, committed to grow together with customers,  encourage enterprises and users to establish a clean and intelligent modern industrial system jointly.

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!