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Modular Air Return Medicine Cleanroom Wall Panels

  • Color:

    RAL 9002
  • Regular Width:

  • Maximum Length:

  • Wall TCK:

  • Steel TCK:

  • Average air return:

    500 cubic meters per hour
  • Outside Material:

    PPGI,Al-mg-mn Steel,Stainless Steel,Ti-Zn Steel,VCM
  • Surface Coating:

  • Core Materials:

    Aluminum honeycomb, gypsum
  • Keel TCK:

  • Applications:

    Medicine clean room, cosmetic clean room, etc
The Modular Air Return Medicine Cleanroom Wall Panels can replace the clean room return air column, saving the use space of the clean room. The hollow return air partition wall system has been applied in the CSPC project, occupying a leading position in the industry and receiving favorable comments from customers.

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  • Product Details
Product Descirption

Product Name

Modular Air Return Medicine Cleanroom Wall Panels

Regular Width

Maximum Length

Wall Thickness 


Outer Plate Material

PPGI,Al-mg-mn Steel,Stainless Steel,Ti-Zn Steel,VCM

Average air return




Keel TCK 0.8mm

Core Material 

Aluminium Honey Comb,Plaster


Medicine Clean Room, Cosmetics Clean Room, etc.


The shape of this board is tracked by the cleaning technology department, and the size is issued by the technical department.

Return Air Clean Room

Wiskind product can replace the return air column and 100-thick hollow shrapnel wall in the small room (changing clothes, removing shoes and cushioning room). The return air module is processed in the factory and assembled on site just like our manual board, which is convenient and quick to install.In the later stage, according to customer requirements, the product is easy to clean and the air volume is adjustable.


1. Hollow air return wall can replace clean room air return column and save clean room space.

2. Drilling with international advanced technology, beautiful and generous. 

3. Factory prefabrication, site splicing, convenient and quick installation.

4. The strength, flatness and aesthetics of hollow return wall board are greatly improved.

5. Install flush with cleanroom wall panel.

Modular Clean Room Wall Panels

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If you have questions or suggestions, please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can !

Got Free Inquiry Now We will contact you as soon as possible!
If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!