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  • The broken bridge aluminum profile can be used directly as a curtain wall product, which is perfect match for the glass curtain wall.

    Brilliant Curtain Wall

    1.The combination of the broken bridge aluminum profile and the grade A high-density thermal insulation, fireproof and water repellent rock wool is able to maximize thermal insulation, reduce energy consumption, and save energy and protect the environment. 2.The broken bridge aluminum profile is used as the frame to improve the flatness of panel su1

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  • CASSETTE™ is a sandwich curtain wall panel with a cold bridge structure. It features a new revolutionized way of panel installation, adopting a non-penetrating fixing structure, and coming with accurately formed inner and outer panels, high-quality w


    1.Adopt high-density water-repellent rock wool with Class A fire rating. 2.Modular design for a prefabricated system with high prefabrication precision in the factory. 3.The broken bridge structure without penetrating screws, as well as the non-penetrating installation method, ensures the integrity of the thermal insulation layer and greatly improv1

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  • Produced through a discontinuous production process, able to be customized as per client needs, with superior flatness and crisp visual effects. The use of high-quality roll-coated aluminum panel ensures outstanding corrosion resistance, thus improvi


    1.A metal thermal insulation curtain wall panel integrating fire protection, heat preservation and decoration. 2.Factory prefabrication and modular installation to minimize onsite workload. 3.The unique plugin method, while ensuring great waterproof performance, realizes rapid replacement of individual panels.

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  • 4-sided joint for high-precision installation, as well as a flat and refined visual effect.


    1.New generation of interlaced dual-support joint for super strong wind resistance, air tightness, and zero thermal bridge conduction. 2.Continuous line for high-efficiency production. 3.Closed cavity to prevent water seepage, watertight & airtight. 4.Prefabricated foam, edge sealed with PVC + aluminum foil, more waterproof and economical 5.PU 1

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  • Adopt the new generation PU PIR Pentane-blown B1 foam as the rigid core material, which boasts excellent heat insulation and fireproof performances.Ultra-high temperature stability and fire rating, zero Freon emissions, energy saving and eco-friendly


    1.The core material adopts a new generation of the rigid PU PIR foam composite material system,which effectively blocks heat conduction, thereby excellent thermal insulation performance. 2.Rational joint design, great thermal insulation effect, and superior mechanical performance. 3.Excellent thermal insulation performance, high economic benefits, 1

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  • The all high-density water-repellent rock wool ,meets the strictest fire protection requirements.


    1.All-new dual-support plug-in structure, short outer overhang, improved wind resistance. 2.Unique reinforced gasket of Wiskind to strengthen support, ensure the strength and flatness of the joint after installation, and improve the wind resistant performance. 3.Cavity rainscreen design for better waterproof and airproof performances. 4.The rock wo1

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  • Colorpod is a rock wool panel with PU sealing on both sides. Featuring outstanding wind resistance, airtight performance, economy and practicability, the product is connected by a center seam, with a variety of surface effects to meet various visual


    1.New generation of interlaced double support joint for improved installation progress and compactness. 2.The new generation 3D gasket of Wiskind helps improve the bearing capacity of the steel panel at the screw and the strength of the joint. 3.The closed cavity water resistant structure functions as a rain screen to avoid water seepage and improv1

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