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Wiskind Project YEBIO Biological

Wiskind Project YEBIO Biological

14 Apr, 2020

Project: YEBIO Technology Industrial Park (Phase III)

Design unit: China Pharmaceutical Group Wuhan Pharmaceutical Design Institute, Eleven Technology

Engineering contractor: Shanghai Tofflon

Land area: 145 mu

Total investment: 930 million yuan

Project address: Shangdong Qingdao

Year of completion: 2021

System: Cleanroom Panel System

Supply area: 45000㎡

Thickness: 50mm

Wiskind Project YEBIO

Animal vaccines have a source guarantee significance for national biological safety and food safety. Veterinary vaccine leading enterprise Qingdao YEBIO, YEBIO has established a world-class vaccine R & D and production base. The third phase of the project uses Wiskind cleanroom enclosure system to create high-standard clean spaces to ensure biological safety.

Cleanroom Enclosure System

Three-level Protection Standard

YEBIO has built the most advanced technological innovation research and development platform in China, including "National Key Laboratory of Animal Genetic Engineering Vaccines" and "National Enterprise Technology Center", and became the first African swine fever vaccine research and development institution.

Advanced technological innovation power has established the industry-leading mission of the third phase of the project. The new project has a lyophilized GMP workshop, an inactivated vaccine workshop, a storage center, and a technical center, covering the entire industrial chain of vaccine R & D and production.

Biological Cleanroom Engineering

Whether it is a national laboratory or the vaccine production process, the third-phase project strictly implements the new GMP standards for veterinary drugs and the "three-level protection" standard, and has process engineering challenges with a wide range of biological safety, large scale, and many links. According to the biological safety control principles, production process risk assessment and air flow control, strict requirements are put forward for the cleanliness of the space.

System Integration Solution

Faced with a high level of protection, Wiskind provided YEBIO with a biosafety space solution. The modularized, integrated and standardized production and construction concept is in line with the concept of "box in box" in the project layout. The project uses Wiskind cleanroom panel 45000㎡, product performance and enclosure structure design, can adapt to severe challenges.

Cleanroom Wall Panel

Antibacterial panel: customized color-coated steel plate, effectively prevent the growth of bacteria, and has anti-disinfection, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

Double gypsum aluminum honeycomb cleanroom panel: high flatness and toughness, with top-level air tightness, which is an ideal choice for the clean field. The gypsum board adopts Saint-Gobain, which has the characteristics of moisture proof, stability and high quality.

Non-wedge gypsum surface: Higher flatness, imported waterproof gypsum and aluminum honeycomb form a seamless structure, improve cleanroom panel flatness, fire resistance and strength.

Fully automatic production line: Wiskind independently developed the world's first cleanroom panel automatic production line. The process flow is accurately measured and intelligently controlled. The accuracy, strength and flatness of the clean panel are greatly improved, and digital flexible production is realized.

Wiskind Cleanroom Enclosure System

Relying on advanced production service system and rich industry experience, Wiskind cleanroom enclosure system provides high-standard cleanroom for biomedical, food processing, precision manufacturing and other industries, provides excellent clean space solutions, and adapts to harsh engineering challenges .

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!