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Wufangzhai Food Case | Diversified

Wufangzhai Food Case | Diversified

11 Mar, 2021

-Project: Zhejiang Wufangzhai Industrial Co., Ltd.

-Design unit: Shanghai Electronic Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

-Building area: 6090㎡

-Project address: Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province

-Products: cleanroom panels, removable cleanroom panels, blind panels, cold storage panels, cleanroom doors, cleanroom windows

-Area: 12000㎡

Wufangzhai Food Case

Six or seven thousand years ago, Majiabang culture originated in Jiahe land, and the prehistoric civilization of rice cul tivating opened the source of Jiangnan rice food.

More than two thousand years ago, Qu Yuan and Wu Zixu left immortal legends, and their family and country sentiments were translated into the custom of eating rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival and passed down to future generations.

More than 600 years ago, "Kingswood Fine Point" created the Jiangnan dim sum genre and became famous in China, especially rice dumplings.

In 1921, Zhang Jinquan, a businessman from Lanxi, Zhejiang, opened the first rice dumpling shop in Zhangjia Lane, Jiaxing City, so it was named "Wufangzhai", which means "The grains are sweet and fragrant"

In 2021, Wufangzhai will celebrate its centennial birthday. Even if it is a time-honored brand, it has resonated in the horizons of young people. It adopts a cute style of painting, gives food anthropomorphic style, taps people’s deeper spiritual needs, and provides the power of heart-warming healing, soothing people's hearts with delicious food.

Food Cleanroom

"New" Reforms --high-end manufacturing environment

Wufangzhai builds a connection with people through food, bids farewell to the traditional business model of front shops and back workshops, and now has a comprehensive operation model integrating chain catering services, e-commerce and rice industry. The total construction area of Wufangzhai is 6090 square meters, and it complies with the requirements of the "Code for Design of Clean Plants" GB50073-2013, "Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings" GB50016-2014, and "Code for Design of Cold Storage" GB50072-2010. Industrialized workshops and mechanized processes, but the taste will not change in the inheritance, and the safety of food is higher, which comes from the high-end manufacturing environment of the clean room.

The metal wall design panels are magnesium oxysulfide cleanroom panels, it's 9000 Sqm, the light steel keel firewall uses blind panels 1500 Sqm, and cold storage panels 500 Sqm, with excellent thermal insulation performance, to meet the special needs of customers for low-temperature environments.

Cleanroom Panels

"New" Reform-environmentally friendly

The color of the cleanroom door is rape yellow, silver gray, light green, white, light blue. According to different regional functions, the design adopts a combination of cold and warm colors. Rape yellow is the most symbolic hue in the warm color system. It stimulates people's mood and has a warm, cheerful and refreshing effect. Green and blue are used in cool colors to bring vitality, relieve work pressure. And the color echo of the ground, build an environment-friendly clean room.

"New" Reform-functional solution

In the whole plant design, in order to avoid the later changes of equipment and technology, the clean room layout needs to be removed due to the adjustment of the clean room layout, and then partial replacement and maintenance are carried out due to the damage of the panel during use. Under Wiskind's recommendation, this project uses the removable cleanroom panels to reduce the cost of cleanroom panel replacement, have no color difference, and improve the aesthetics of the clean room. This technology was awarded a national patent in 2015.

Food Cleanroom System

From design to construction, every link and every process is repeatedly scrutinized, only for the ultimate perfect presentation. Wiskind as the world's leading service provider of clean room enclosure systems and solutions. We are committed to bringing the clean room to everyone, every organization, and every industry, helping global companies seize the commanding heights of the market environment and empowering industry development.

In the future, the clean room is a global infrastructure. We are willing to redefine the clean room through our efforts in today's rapid development of digitalization and intelligence. Recording history, allows us to appreciate the profoundness and see the past clearly; have dreams allows us to walk vigorously and go further.

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