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Yangyuan Dairy Products Project Case Sharing

Yangyuan Dairy Products Project Case Sharing

19 May, 2021


"Use your brain often and drink six more walnuts." With a slogan, the "Six Walnuts" have become a well-known drink, and also let Yangyuan Drink occupy a certain position in the Chinese dairy market.

As the leading enterprise of vegetable protein beverage walnut milk, Yangyuan uses the original and industry-leading "full walnut CET cold extraction process" and "five-fold refinement grinding process" to achieve the average diameter of walnut milk particles through cell-breaking technology. The nanometer level releases a large amount of nutrients and fully refines it.

Dairy Products Cleanroom

Good technology is the guarantee of good products, and a good production environment is the prerequisite for all roots. Especially in the dairy beverage industry, the cleanliness level is relatively high. According to the national "General Rules for Food Production License Examination", the cleanliness level is required to reach Class 10,000.

In addition to strict requirements for cleanliness levels, due to the particularity of the environment, the air humidity is relatively high, which is suitable for the growth of most bacteria and fungi, including air, ground, walls, etc. Therefore, regular disinfection and sterilization are required, and stainless steel cleanroom panels are used in the canning room and CIP.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Panels

For panel disinfection, such as hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and other special chemical reagents, Wiskind recommends Endure®. In the hydrogen peroxide titration cup test, the resistance of Endure® is 7.2 times that of PVDF, and it has excellent corrosion resistance. The color is shell white and the surface layer is matte. At the same time, it meets the strict requirements of continuous food contact in terms of food safety.

The packaging room, mixing area, pre-treatment and dressing room in the environment-friendly area adopt color steel plate, glass magnesium aluminum and aluminum honeycomb cleanroom panels, totaling 12000 SQM. It is made of special high-strength two-component glue and color steel plate. Compared with other cleanroom panels, it has the advantages of light weight and large flexural bearing capacity.

As a professional cleanroom enclosure system service provider, Wiskind provides solutions for many customers in the professional field.

Wiskind Food Engineering Case

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!