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Manufacturing Capacity

Introduced the world's advanced automatic production equipment such as PUMA, RAS and ACL in Italy, and independently developed the world's first automatic Hand-made cleanroom panel production line, which is 6-8 times more efficient than the traditional cleanroom panel production line.

Planning and Design

Wiskind cleanroom products show great attention to the optimization and design of the use of main and auxiliary materials, plate structure, and system structure, and have a number of patent technologies.

Quality Control

Wiskind sets up an independent quality assurance center, around the raw material inspection, auxiliary testing, product testing, process audits, laboratory testing five modules start work. Take active test mode, starting strictly controlled from the raw material into the plant. The production process was tracked and controlled.


Wiskind provides comprehensive solution plan for professional cleanrooms and implements all-round, integrated services, including: requirements analysis, project design, quotation, production order, delivery, construction guidance and daily use and maintenance services.

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