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Wiskind Cleanroom focuses on cleanroom enclosure system , ceiling system, cleanroom doors and windows and related product development, manufacturing, sales, consulting and services.

  • Cleanroom Wall Panel System
  • Medical & Cleanroom Door
  • Cleanroom Window
  • Cleanroom Equipment
  • Cleanroom Ceiling System
  • Cleanroom Accessories
  • Cleanroom Wall Panel System

    Cleanroom Wall Panel System

    Wiskind provides different cleanroom sandwich panels with excellent performance, factory prefabrication, field splicing and simple module installation functions. In response to the problems in different industries, we provide solutions such as removable cleanroom panel, VHP resistant cleanroom panel, and cleanroom smart design.

  • Medical & Cleanroom Door

    Medical & Cleanroom Door

    Wiskind cleanroom doors widely used in cleaning workshops, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, etc ,it has good performance at outside facer,flat ,high structural strength, corrosion resistance, no dust, easy to clean .the most important is easy installation for your projects. There are three kinds of different material ,such as steel cleanroom doors, aluminum cleanroom doors, stainless steel cleanroom doors for choosing. The HPL cleanroom door is one of Wiskind's most popular clean room doors.

  • Cleanroom Window

    Cleanroom Window

    Cleanroom windows are divided into cleanroom double-layer windows, fire-proof windows and dimming windows. Wiskind cleanroom window integrated structure design, perfect combination with cleanroom panels, good sealing performance, can provide cleanroom enclosure system solutions according to different industries and use environments program and related technical service support.

  • Cleanroom Equipment

    Cleanroom Equipment

    Clean room is a basic project with a wide range of application industries. In many engineering fields, clean space is needed to meet some high processing requirements.During the construction of clean room, the selection of clean room equipment should be involved. Wiskind provides customers with the types of equipment needed in the clean room and the requirements of clean room construction control.

  • Cleanroom Ceiling System

    Cleanroom Ceiling System

    Wiskind cleanroom ceiling system is mainly composed of modular cleanroom panel and ceiling system. It has strong tightness and can be walked. The ceiling system can be perfectly connected with the modular cleanroom panel system products. The ceiling system connection gap is the same as the gap width to ensure The appearance of a clean room. Wiskind cleanroom panel sheet is very resistant to bending and has very strong characteristics.

  • Cleanroom Accessories

    Cleanroom Accessories

    Clean room aluminum profiles are used in conjunction with clean room wall panels. Cleanroom aluminum profiles are ancillary products that support modular cleanroom wall panels in cleanroom projects. Wiskind cleanroom accessory system adopts international advanced brand as special accessory system, advanced production equipment and efficient management provide first-class high quality products for our customers.

About us & Service

Wiskind was founded in the late 1970 s, focusing on the cleanroom containment system research and development and manufacturing, covers an area of 1000 mu, the existing staff of more than 2400 people, 160 million square meters building products, distribution on Wiskind 45 years experience in industry research and development and resource integration advantages, has now become a professional cleanroom containment system service, through years of unremitting efforts and persistent pursuit, obtained the customer and society. Has passed FM, CE, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001 certification. Located in Zhenjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, it covers an area of 100,000 square meters and includes production lines for sandwich insulation panels and cleanroom panels. The Jiangsu base is a demonstration factory of Wiskind's construction steel products, and it is also a benchmark in the building envelope industry, which is of pioneering significance for promoting the intelligent manufacturing of the building steel product industry. Shandong Wiskind Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is a Wiskind to exploit market and set up a subsidiary of clean industry, focusing on cleanroom containment system research and development and manufacturing, rely on Wiskind 41 years of experience in industry research and development and resource integration advantages, has now become a professional cleanroom containment system service providers, advocates and practitioners of modular cleanroom panel smart manufacturers and domestic maximum capacity. The company owns the first automatic production line of cleanroom panels with independent intellectual property rights and the world's leading automatic production equipment for cleanroom doors and windows. Serving many large system engineering enterprises at home and abroad, and occupying the leading edge in the engineering field of biopharmaceutical and medical industry; CSPC PHARMA, Qilu Pharma, Anti-Lu, north China pharmaceutical and many other worlds tops 500 enterprises have used the company's clean series products. With Shandong university institute of technology can be established, equipped with professional study of more than 70 people, 15 undertaken projects in science and technology of province and city, five scientific and technological achievements appraisal, 160 patents, with 90 valid patents, patent award 9 binzhou city, four of the binzhou city science and technology prize, 1 item of China technology market association golden bridge awards, golden bridge awards two technology market association of Shandong province, Shandong famous brand one. Wiskind has always believed that it is our eternal responsibility to create value for our customers and make their projects better. Regarding product quality as life, integrity innovation, the pursuit of win-win with customers, employees, society, in the opportunities and challenges of constant development, is moving toward a higher, faster, stronger goal. Wiskind provides a comprehensive solution plan for professional cleanrooms and implements all-round, integrated services, including requirements analysis, project design, quotation, production order, delivery, construction guidance and daily use and maintenance services. China's 4 subsidiaries, 13 offices and more than 100 business and technical personnel throughout the country, to provide customers with timely, face-to-face services. 
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Our Team
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New Products

Wiskind cleanroom products include cleanroom panels, cleanroom doors and windows, cleanroom equipment, and occupy a leading position in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Endure® Cleanroom Panel

Endure® Scratch & VHP Resistant Cleanroom Sandwich Panel For Biological Clean Room and Operating Room

Endure® is mainly suitable for clean room enclosures under the environment of VHP (Vaporize Hydrogen Peroxide) disinfection, panel disinfection, and new Jieer (Benzalkonium Bromide) cleaning environment in clean room B areas such as biological products and blood products.

Customized 304 Stainless Steel Hand-made Cleanroom

Customized 304 Stainless Steel Hand-made Cleanroom Sandwich Panels For Food Depot With ISO9001

304 Stainless steel hand-made cleanroom panel, aluminum connection, fire grade A, field splicing, module clean room panel installation is convenient and fast, can withstand frequent disinfection treatment as well as washing and wiping, mainly used in food cleaning room.

High Pressure Laminate Cleanroom Wall Panel

Impact Resistance HPL Partition Wall Panel For Pharmaceutical Cleanoom

This product is widely used in the pharmaceutical, electronic, aerospace, military and other industries, using High-pressure Laminate wall systems. The system is connected by aluminum profiles, which has a simple structure and convenient disassembly. The panel is a sandwich structure, which can be filled with rock wool, paper honeycomband other mat1

China Cleanroom Sandwich Wall Panel

Cleanroom Sandwich Wall Panel for Pharmaceutical With CE

The modular sandwich wall panel system is made of aluminum profiles,various surface steel,factory prefabrication,on-site splicing,module installation is convenient and fast,mainly used in operating cleanroom.

Coldroom Panel System

High Quality China C-Type Cold Room Sandwich Panel Manufacturers for with FM

Cold room panel is characterized by good heat insulation performance, the core material is made of PU/PIR, and the C-type plug interface is used for connection. It can reduce the heat transfer due to the temperature difference between inside and outside, and achieve the effect of refrigeration. The width of the cold storage board is 930-1130mm, and1

PIR Cleanroom Sandwich Panels

Customizable Modular Clean Room PIR Sandwich Panels For Make-up Room With FM

Physical unclonable function (Puf) core material with excellent heat preservation performance, combined with exquisite and reasonable insertion and installation node design, ensures the sealing and heat insulation effect of the whole clean room enclosure system.

Aluminum Profile Cleanroom Corner Systems

One Piece Aluminum Profile Cleanroom Corner Systems For Pharmaceutical

The one piece corner system completely eliminates the various corner joints between the wall panels, which ensures the smoothness of the wall panels and avoids the impact of joint cracking and leakage on the clean environment. Avoid dust accumulation, which is more conducive to cleaning and process sterilization.

Return Air System

Modular Assembly Return Air Wall for Biological Cleanroom

At present, the cleanroom windows on the wall of the return air clipway use two 50mm thick cleanroom windows, and the middle is sealed with a cleanroom panel. The cost of cleanroom windows is high, and the efficiency of on-site construction is low. Three people make four windows a day.In response to this problem, Wiskind has developed an assembly w1

Air Return Cleanroom Wall Panel

100mm Modular Air Return Cleanroom Wall Panel For Cosmetics Clean Room

The modular air return cleanroom wall panel can replace the clean room return air column, saving the use space of the clean room. The hollow return air partition wall system has been applied in the CSPC project, occupying a leading position in the industry and receiving favorable comments from customers.

Module Z-Grid Cleanroom Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Customized Z-Grid Aluminium Honeycomb Ceiling Tiles For Cleanroom

The ceiling of the Chinese-shaped dark beam ceiling system is very tight. The walkable ceiling system can be perfectly connected with the modular partition system. The ceiling system connects the gap and the width of the wall gap. The same to ensure the appearance of the clean room.

Cleanroom Wall Panel

Cleanroom Sandwich Wall Panel Installation Method (Wiskind Installation Technical Drawings)

Wiskind offers 5 different cleanroom wall systems that can be adapted to a variety of cleanroom modular systems. The product has excellent performance, factory prefabrication, on-site splicing, and easy module installation.

Cleanroom Ceiling Panel

Cleanroom Sandwich Ceiling Panel Installation Method (Wiskind Installation Technical Drawings)

Different modular cleanroom ceiling panels in Wiskind can be adapted to clean rooms such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food.Modular cleanroom panels can directly open holes and reserve conduits to improve installation efficiency.With cleanroom doors and windows flush installation, beautiful and generous.

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Our Clients

Wiskind cleanroom is the largest manufacturer of cleanroom panels in China, providing customers with the most professional cleanroom construction solutions.

Professional Manufacturer of Cleanroom Enclosure System

Serving many large-scale system engineering companies at home and abroad, taking a leading edge in the electronic semiconductor, biopharmaceutical, food and medical industries.

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Application Field

The cleanroom panel supplied in the fields of electronic semiconductors, bio pharmaceutical, food and medicine, aerospace and scientific research, chemical industry and new energy. 

Our Clients

Wiskind cleanroom is in a leading position in the fields of electronic semiconductor, biopharmaceutical, food and medical, aerospace and scientific research, chemical and new energy industries.

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