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Cleanroom divided into biological cleanroom system and industrial cleanroom system.The cleanroom technology effectively controls pollutants such as particles, harmful air, and bacteria according to customer requirements, and meets the requirements of precision, miniaturization, high purity, high quality, and high reliability in product processing and experimental research. The cleanroom panel supplied in the fields of electronic semiconductors, bio pharmaceutical, food and medicine, aerospace and scientific research, chemical industry and new energy.  Established for 40 years, Wiskind Group is a supplier of high quality metal enclosure products, leading the industry in design, material technology and manufacturing processes for Cleanroom Systems. We provide unique value to customers in the professional field with comprehensive solutions for clean room maintenance.

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  • Cleanroom Walls Partition

    Cleanroom Walls Partition

    Wiskind offers different cleanroom wall systems that can be adapted to a variety of cleanroom modular systems. The product has excellent performance, factory prefabrication, on-site splicing, and easy module installation. Solutions for different environments: we have a quick detachable solution, a panel resistant agent (VHP) solution, a cold-proof bridge - a frame anti-condensation solution, a fast automatic typesetting solution, a cleanroom color quick change scheme and clean room doors and windows A number of technical patents, etc. The cleanroom wall system has various core materials. According to different environments, fireproof, heat preservation, noise reduction, moisture proof, etc., different core materials are selected to adapt to different clean room requirements. Wiskind cleanroom wall panels can be used to reinforce the hole reinforcement and the line pipe box is assembled in the factory in the factory to effectively reduce the secondary pollution during use.

  • Cleanroom Ceiling Systems

    Cleanroom Ceiling Systems

    The Wiskind cleanroom ceiling system consists mainly of cleanroom panels and modular aluminum suspension beam system. It has strong bending and bonding resistance and stable quality. People and equipment can walk on it. The ceiling system is perfectly connected to the modular zoning system, ensuring that the ceiling system connection gap and wall gap are the same width, which improves the clean room aesthetics. Wiskind ceiling system is mainly composed of cleanroom wall panel and modular aluminum alloy hanging beam system. It has strong tightness and can walk. The ceiling system can be perfectly connected with the modular partition system. The ceiling system connects the gap and the width of the wall gap. The same to ensure the appearance of the clean room. Our clean panels are highly resistant to bending and bonding and are of consistent quality.

  • Cleanroom Doors

    Cleanroom Doors

    Wiskind cleanroom doors widely used in cleaning workshops, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, etc ,it has good performance at outside facer,flat ,high structural strength, corrosion resistance, no dust, easy to clean .the most important is easy installation for your projects . There are three kinds of different material ,such as steel cleanroom doors, aluminum cleanroom doors, stainless steel cleanroom doors for choosing. The HPL cleanroom door is one of Wiskind's most popular clean room doors.

  • Cleanroom Windows

    Cleanroom Windows

    The cleanroom observation window is available in a variety of forms, including single and double glazing, with right angles and rounded corners. WISKIND cleanroom observation window integrated structure design, perfect combination with clean wall panel, not only good sealing performance, easy installation, and beautiful appearance, it becomes the highlight of cleanroom space.The wiskind cleanroom window is subjected to condensation at a low temperature of -60 ° C without fogging.

  • Cleanroom Corner Systems

    Cleanroom Corner Systems

    The One Piece Cleanroom Corner Systems completely eliminates various corner joints between cleanroomwall panels, factory prefabrication, on-site splicing, and module installation is convenient and quick.The cleanroom panel coating and material are selected according to the use environment. The modular clean wall panel can directly open the hole and reserve the line pipe to improve the installation efficiency.Clean room partition wall system core material diversified, there are rock wool, PU, EPS, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb and so on. According to different environments, fireproof, heat preservation, noise reduction, moisture proof, etc., choose different core materials, adapt to different cleanroom requirements.

  • Cleanroom Accessories

    Cleanroom Accessories

    Clean room aluminum profiles are used in conjunction with clean room wall panels. Cleanroom aluminum profiles are ancillary products that support modular cleanroom wall panels in cleanroom projects. Wiskind cleanroom accessory system adopts international advanced brand as special accessory system, advanced production equipment and efficient management provide first-class high quality products for our customers.

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Wiskind was founded in the late 1970 s, focusing on the cleanroom containment system research and development and manufacturing, covers an area of 1000 mu, the existing staff of more than 1700 people, 160 million square meters building products, distribution on Wiskind 41 years experience in industry research and development and resource integration advantages, has now become a professional cleanroom containment system service, through years of unremitting efforts and persistent pursuit, obtained the customer and society. Has passed FM, CE, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001 certification. Shandong Wish Wiskind Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is a Wiskind to exploit market and set up a subsidiary of clean industry, focusing on cleanroom containment system research and development and manufacturing, rely on Wiskind 41 years of experience in industry research and development and resource integration advantages, has now become a professional cleanroom containment system service providers, advocates and practitioners of modular cleanroom panel smart manufacturers and domestic maximum capacity. The company owns the first automatic production line of cleanroom panels with independent intellectual property rights and the world's leading automatic production equipment for cleanroom doors and windows. Serving many large system engineering enterprises at home and abroad, and occupying the leading edge in the engineering field of biopharmaceutical and medical industry; CSPC PHARMA, Qilu Pharma, Anti-Lu, north China pharmaceutical and many other worlds tops 500 enterprises have used the company's clean series products. With Shandong university institute of technology can be established, equipped with professional study of more than 70 people, 15 undertaken projects in science and technology of province and city, five scientific and technological achievements appraisal, 160 patents, with 90 valid patents, patent award 9 binzhou city, four of the binzhou city science and technology prize, 1 item of China technology market association golden bridge awards, golden bridge awards two technology market association of Shandong province, Shandong famous brand one. Wiskind has always believed that it is our eternal responsibility to create value for our customers and make their projects better. Regarding product quality as life, integrity innovation, the pursuit of win-win with customers, employees, society, in the opportunities and challenges of constant development, is moving toward a higher, faster, stronger goal. Wiskind provides a comprehensive solution plan for professional cleanrooms and implements all-round, integrated services, including requirements analysis, project design, quotation, production order, delivery, construction guidance and daily use and maintenance services. China's 4 subsidiaries, 13 offices and more than 100 business and technical personnel throughout the country, to provide customers with timely, face-to-face services. 
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Our company is committed to provide first-class quality and efficient pre-sale and after-sale services, which has taken good reputations from our customers around the world, such as Angola, Ethiopia,

LED Suspended Ceiling Light Panel

Low-energy LED Cleanroom Ceiling Light Panels For High-performance Clean Room

The outer frame of LED cleanroom ceiling lamp is made of aluminum alloy by anodic oxidation. It has many performance characteristics such as strong dimming performance, high luminous efficiency, small size and light weight, and it has energy saving and environmental protection, long service life, safety and reliability.

China Modular Cleanroom Wall Panels

Customized Steel Modular Cleanroom Wall Panels For Pharmaceutical Clean Room

The modular sandwich cleanroom wall panel system is made of aluminum profiles,various surface steel,factory prefabrication,on-site splicing,module installation is convenient and fast,mainly used in operating clean room.

ULPA Filters Ceiling Module

Replaceable HEPA and ULPA Filters Ceiling Module For Pharmaceutical Clean Room(Gel-Sealed Type)

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) filters are air filters designed to trap a vast majority of very small particulate contaminants from an air stream.

Biology Laboratory Cleanroom Wall Panel System

Customization High Strength Modular Hardwall Biological Cleanroom Wall Panel

The product is a customizable modular sandwich wall panel system, which is directly spliced on site, does not require aluminum profiles, has a large overall strength, matches the cleanroom door and window system, and is perfectly connected to the wall panel, which can be applied to the biological clean room.

Rock Wool Cleanroom Wall Panels

Customized Mechanism PPGI Rock Wool Cleanroom Wall Panels For food Factory

Wiskind mechanism cleanroom wall panel is sealed by two sides. It does not need aluminum profiles when connecting. It is directly inserted and has various core materials. It has core materials such as rock wool, puf, gypsum rock wool and glass magnesium rock wool.

Customized Pre-formed Cut Outs Clean Room Wall Panel Systems

Modular Pharmaceutical Cut Outs Cleanroom Wall Panels With Individually Removable

The customized convenient cut outs cleanroom wall panel system can be cut directly in the factory, the hole is reserved, the built-in keel is built, the site is installed, the appearance is convenient and fast, and the product is applied to the clean room vent, lamp mouth, equipment mouth, etc., to prevent the opening of the site twice.

Puf Cleanroom Sandwich Panels

Customizable Modular Clean Room Puf Sandwich Panels For Make-up Room With ISO

Physical unclonable function (Puf) core material with excellent heat preservation performance, combined with exquisite and reasonable insertion and installation node design, ensures the sealing and heat insulation effect of the whole clean room enclosure system.

Customized Air Return Cleanroom Wall Panels System

100mm Modular Air Return Medicine Cleanroom Wall Panels For Cosmetics Clean Room With ISO9001

The Modular Air Return Medicine Cleanroom Wall Panels can replace the clean room return air column, saving the use space of the clean room. The hollow return air partition wall system has been applied in the CSPC project, occupying a leading position in the industry and receiving favorable comments from customers.

Modular Cleanroom Demising Wall Panel

Quick replaceable Aluminum Buckle Demising Walls System For Microelectronics Cleanroom

Wiskind Quick replaceable Removable cleanroom wall panel, mainly used in clean room equipment reserved and reserved for easy damage, modular cleanroom wall panel installation, convenient splicing, obtained national patent in 2015.

Module Aluminum Cleanroom Partition Wall

Quick Demising EPS Module Aluminum Profile Connection Cleanroom Wall Panel

Wiskind's quick demising aluminum profile connection cleanroom wall panels are connected by special aluminum profiles. The plates can be replaced directly without damage. No need to remove all wall panels, modular assembly, no color difference, and make the clean room more beautiful.

NCB Wall System For Cleanroom

Aluminium Honeycomb Non-cold Bridge Cleanroom Partition Wall Panel

The Non-cold bridge partition wall system solves the condensation condensation phenomenon and improves the overall insulation performance of the clean room, prolongs the service life of the plate and reduces the cost of replacing the plate.

High Pressure Laminate Cleanroom Wall Panel

Impact Resistance HPL Partition Wall Panel For Pharmaceutical Cleanoom

This product is widely used in the pharmaceutical, electronic, aerospace, military and other industries, using High-pressure Laminate wall systems. The system is connected by aluminum profiles, which has a simple structure and convenient disassembly. The panel is a sandwich structure, which can be filled with rock wool, paper honeycomband other mat1

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Wiskind cleanroom technology have become the most professional cleanroom system service provider,advocates and practitioners of modular cleanrooms and the largest intelligent manufacturer of cleanroom board in China. 

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Four subsidiaries, 13 offices and more than 100 business and technical personnel are located throughout the country to provide timely and face-to-face services to customers.

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The cleanroom panel supplied in the fields of electronic semiconductors, bio pharmaceutical, food and medicine, aerospace and scientific research, chemical industry and new energy. 

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Wiskind serves a number of cleanroom large-scale systems engineering companies at home and abroad, and has a leading position in the fields of electronics semiconductor, bio-pharmaceutical, food and medical, aerospace and scientific research, chemical and new energy industries.

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