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G-SILENCE Cleanroom Door With Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Brand: Wiskind

Specifications : 900/1000*2100mm,1200/1500*2100

Thickness: 50-100mm

Door frame steel plate thickness: 0.8/1/1.2mm

Door leaf steel plate thickness: 1.5mm

Filler: Aluminum Honeycomb/Paper Honeycomb

Hinges: Silent hinge

Locks: Magentic lock

Window on the door: Outer straight inner straight/outer straight inner circle

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Magnetic suction seal

Block sound transmission routes
The sealing strip is made of PU, foam and magnetic absorbing material, with strong elastic absorption and increased air tightness.
Magnetic suction principle automatic adsorption
Magnetic suction strip automatic adsorption enables the lock tongue recovery automatically, avoiding rubbing, reducing friction, prolonging the service life
G-SILENCE Cleanroom Door With Aluminum Honeycomb Panel


Noise resistance and noise-free, double the sound insulation effect.
No exposed inclined tongue, reduce the opening and closing metal collision sound, reduce noise 
Lock contact selection of soft mute material, reduce mechanical lock door collision sound.

Cleanroom door with MAGNETIC SUCTION LOCK


1.50W+ open & close, no deformation 

2.Heavy bearing, single 30kg+
3. 304 stainless steel, durable and non-corrosive 
4. The door seam is moderately adjustable

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G-SILENCE Cleanroom Door With Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

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