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G1-Classic Steel Door

Using PU airbag-covered rubber strip, it has strong sealing performance.

Brand: Wiskind

Specifications : 900mm*2100mm, 1200mm*2100mm, 1500mm*2100mm

Thickness: 50mm

Door frame steel plate thickness: 1.2mm

Door leaf steel plate thickness: 0.8mm

Filler: Aluminum Honeycomb/Paper Honeycomb

Window on the door: 400*600mm

Glass thickness: 5mm

Hinges: Stainless steel hinges

Locks: Stainless steel handle lock

Surface technology: Electrostatic resin powder coating

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G1-Classic Highlights:

1.3 grade molecular sieve, with strong water absorption, life span of more than 20 years.

2. The opening and smoothness are important, and the opening times are 30W times.

3.Using Aksu imports to expand the range, afterburner, and more beautiful colors.

The video of G1 series cleanroom door: 


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G1-Classic Steel Door

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