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G-Silence Magnetic Automatic Door for Cleanroom

Brand: Wiskind

Specifications : 900/1000*2100mm,1200/1500*2100

Thickness: 50-100mm

Door frame steel plate thickness: 0.8/1/1.2mm

Door leaf steel plate thickness: 1.5mm

Filler: Aluminum Honeycomb/Paper Honeycomb/Rockwool

Hinges: Automatic closing hinge

Locks: Magentic lock

Window on the door: Outer straight inner straight/outer straight inner circle

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G-Silence Automatic Closing Cleanroom Door - New Standard of Cleanroom

1st silence cleanroom door in the industry. More sealed, more mute and more functional.  Engineered specially for bio-pharmaceuticals, food safety, medical treatment and health care centers, electronics technology, new energy, semi-condutor and high-end commercial buildings and more, where requires quiter and enclosed enviroment.

G-silence cleanroom door


  • Structural innovation designs

  • Noise reduction

  • Magnetic seals at head and jambs guarantee the good performance of air tightness    

  • Easy to open & automatic closing

  • A novel deign of integrated groove embedded for the result of dust free and quietness

  • Accept Customization ( including type, sizes, colors, glazing grade and sizes, surface, filler materials, and more )

Innovative Designs

Magnetic Lock configuration

Noise resistance and noise-free, double the sound insulation effect.

No exposed inclined tongue, reduce the opening and closing metal collision sound, reduce noise 

Lock contact selection of soft mute material, reduce mechanical lock door collision sound.

G-Silence cleanroom door

Noise Free Self-Closing Door Hinge

Exclusive customization

Automatic closing the door silently

500000+ tests of closing and opening 

No sagging,no abnormal noise

G-Silence door


  • Bio-pharmaceuticals Lab

  • Medicine Factory

  • Food Factory

  • Hospital

  • Health Care Center

  • Electronic Equipments Factory

  • Mechanical Equipment Rooms

  • Factory Offices

  • Commercial buildings

  • and more


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G-Silence Magnetic Automatic Door for Cleanroom

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