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G1-Max Steel Door

Large integrated observation window, the viewing area is increased by 67%

Brand: Wiskind

Specifications : 900mm*2100mm, 1200mm*2100mm, 1500mm*2100mm

Thickness: 50mm

Door frame steel plate thickness: 1.2mm

Door leaf steel plate thickness: 0.8mm

Filler: Aluminum Honeycomb/Paper Honeycomb

Window on the door: 500*800mm

Glass thickness: 5mm

Hinges: Stainless steel hinges

Locks: Stainless steel handle lock

Surface technology: Electrostatic resin powder coating (Akesu) Song blue turquoise

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G1-Max Highlights:

1. Large integrated observation window, the viewing area is increased by 67%.

2. Exceed the standard load-bearing and opening and closing times, open 50w times without deformation.

3. Break the traditional blue color, reduce the saturation, and provide a more comfortable visual enjoyment

The video of G1 series cleanroom door: 


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G1-Max Steel Door

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