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High-quality Spraying Steel Paper Honeycomb Cleanroom Doors Perimeter Seal

Feb 21,2019 | Blog

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The high-quality clean door is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in the clean room. Its quality will directly affect the cleanliness level of the clean room, such as sealing performance, non-corrosive, not easy to accumulate dust, easy to clean, no dead angle. Sealing performance is a key factor affecting the cleanliness level.

Problem: The seals around the clean door of the market are made of ordinary sealing strips. The structure is unstable. It will cause the phenomenon of falling off after a long time of use. It can not guarantee the airtightness in the clean room, resulting in a loss of pressure inside the clean room.

Solution: The seals around the door of Wiskind are made of (air, ship, precision electrical cabinet industry) German equipment, German technology, German polyurethane glue on-site foaming, stable structure, not easy to fall, life is ordinary bonding rubber sealing strip 4 Up to 5 times, it can withstand ultraviolet, alcohol and other disinfection.

It is not easy to aging under frequent disinfection environment, and it is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. It has excellent air tightness and can effectively prevent the pressure inside the clean room from being lost and ensure the airtightness in the clean room.

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