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In the industrial engineering fields of biopharmaceutical system and pharmaceutical clean room systems, Wiskind serves many large system engineering enterprises at home and abroad. Many fortune 500 companies such as CSPC PHARMA, Qilu Pharm, Anti-Lu, north China pharmaceutical and many other world top 500 enterprises have used the company's clean series products.In the whole process of building and using pharmaceutical clean rooms, do you also encounter the following problems that are bothering you?

  1. As the pharmaceutical industry continues to upgrade and transform, how can clean enterprises meet the opportunities and challenges?
  2. How to deal with the higher standards of production and environmental protection under the trend of internationalization of preparations?
  3. During the golden development period of biopharmaceuticals, how to ensure the safe and pollution-free pharmaceutical environment and process?
  4. How to improve the operation stability and reliability of the clean system to reduce the investment cost?

If you have more questions or confusion, please read this article carefully, then, in the content below, Wiskind according to their own practical experience and technical advantages belongs to a response to the cleanroom retaining structure are summarized solutions, Comprehensive resolution of the difficulties encountered in the pharmaceutical clean room classification, mainly from the modular, function integration, technical services, etc.

Cleanroom containment system refers to the clean room wall panels, ceiling panel,Pharmaceutical cleanroom door, clean room window, floor, etc, through the retaining of an internal space, can cover, cut off different climate conditions and, at the same time also play structure, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation effect, thus forming a certain use value, to ensure the security and privacy of clean room.

Cleanroom Containment System

Can be seen in the picture, the containment system is first sheet and plate connection, the second is connected to the pharmaceutical clean room door and Windows, joining together will produce large amounts of Yin and Yang Angle corner, and need to return air column and present structure, the last is the switch, socket, on some of the pharmaceutical clean room air inlet, air supply outlet, such as the mouth of the cave, in response to the Angle of the problems existing in the clean room, solve the pharmaceutical industry the characteristics of easy to clean, easy to disinfect, Wiskind invented the one-piece cleanroom panel system integration.The clean room panel completely eliminates all kinds of corner joints between the wallpanel and guarantees the smooth and smooth surface of the wallboard.The impact of joint cracking and leakage on clean environment is avoided.Avoid dust accumulation, more conducive to cleaning and process disinfection, so as to ensure the safe and pollution-free pharmaceutical environment and process.

One-piece Cleanroom Panel System

According to article 49 of GMP, clean areas (walls, floors and ceilings) are required to have smooth inner surface, no cracks, tight interface, no particulate matter falling off, avoid dust accumulation, facilitate effective cleaning, and disinfect when necessary.The integrated corner board invented by Wiskind perfectly solves the confusion of customers due to the corner problem, and saves aluminum profiles and costs for users. It greatly saves time in installation, improves installation efficiency and reduces investment cost.

Pharmaceutical Clean Room

Second hole in the pharmaceutical cleanroom problems, encountered in the process of site construction switch, socket, laying electrical system, the cutting is common scene, on the strength of the clean plate will have a big impact, a waste of time to reduce the construction efficiency, in the process of cutting, will produce a large amount of dust exists, if not clean after cutting plate reinforcement, will be buried under the great hidden danger, the clean room construction and acceptance standard article 4.3.4 requirements, metal cleanroom sandwich panel is not easy to open holes in the scene.All kinds of holes on the panel should be cut square, neat edge, the edge of the filling material should be used to evenly inlaid sealant seal;Therefore, to reduce the hidden danger as much as possible, the location of the hole must be pre-processed, preferably in the factory pre-fabricated processing.Wiskind can make holes and reinforce treatment in the factory for customers, so as to avoid the influence of slow construction efficiency and high dust on the overall level of pharmaceutical clean room. It is also applicable to clean room food factory.

Modular Pharmaceutical Cut Outs Cleanroom Wall Panels With Individually Removable

For function integration is, first and foremost, for some small dressing rooms, the buffer room, such as small room, when the traditional return air column, take up the space is larger, and not beautiful, Wiskind invented 100 TCK air return wall products, can replace the small room (between change clothes take off their shoes buffer) return air column and 100 of the thick wall hollow shell, like a clean plate installation is simple, low prices, good seal performance, because it is integral for the pharmaceutical cleanroom saves a lot of space, for the pharmaceutical clean rooms equipment set aside a lot of space.

In terms of technical services, each project has each project characteristics, technical requirements are different, different technical project node processing in order to ensure the safe, reliable, specification, standardization, standard technical manuals to receive a variety of technical treatment method of the node, as well as standard aluminium profile library data, so as to control project construction quality from the source.Wiskind has all the drawings of the installation nodes, and we can send professional technicians to guide the installation on site. If you happen to have requirements in this aspect, we can provide you with assistance in pharmaceutical clean room design, layout and drawing optimization.

Cleanroom Installation Node

If you have different views or more ideas, please feel free to leave us a message, we will be happy to share and exchange with you.

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!