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Technological Innovation • Wiskind's Outstanding Achievements!

May 09,2019 | Company News

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On April 23, Boxing County held the county science and technology talent conference, and 245 enterprises above designated size attended the meeting. Li Shoujiang, secretary of the county party committee of Boxing County, and Lu Mingtao, the county magistrate, attended the meeting. Sun Xuesen, director of Binzhou Science and Technology Bureau, was invited to attend the meeting.

At the meeting, Wiskind won the honorary title of “Outstanding Unit for Promoting Industrial Cluster Development in Science and Technology in 2018” and “Outstanding Contribution Unit for Talents in 2018”.

Over the years, the company has adhered to the two concepts of “Science and Technology Innovation Driven Development Strategy” and “Quality-Centered Brand Development Strategy”, and has intensified scientific and technological innovation and achieved a series of outstanding achievements.

1、R&D Platform

Wiskind is a national high-tech enterprise, with three provincial-level R&D platforms including Shandong Provincial Engineering Laboratory, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, and Shandong Province “One Enterprise One Technology” R&D Center; Binzhou Engineering Technology Research Center and Binzhou Industrial Design Center. A city-level research and development platform.

The laboratory was awarded the “Special Testing and Qualification Laboratory for Metal House (Wall) Surface System” by the industry association, and it is also the third enterprise of the industry association to have this qualification.

2、Intellectual Property

The company is a demonstration enterprise of Binzhou City, applying for more than 180 patents, and has more than 100 valid patents, including 12 invention patents, and 9 patents of Binzhou City, including 3 first prizes. He has more than 90 trademarks and is currently actively applying for international trademark registration, and has published many papers in domestic journals.

3、National standard/line standard preparation

The company actively participated in the preparation of 15 national/industry standards such as “Polyurethane Rigid Foam Composite Insulation Board”, “Application Specifications for Profiled Metal Sheet Engineering” and “Building Stainless Steel Profiled Sheet”.

4、Research projects and transformation of results

In recent years, the company has invested a large amount of research and development funds to support more than 100 scientific and technological innovation projects of various companies, covering new products, new technologies, new processes and other aspects. It has undertaken more than 20 provincial-level innovation projects and 5 scientific and technological achievements evaluations (3 international advanced). , 2 domestic leading).


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5、Industry-university-research cooperation and talents

The company has established long-term cooperative relations with Tsinghua University, China Metallurgical Construction Research Institute Co., Ltd., Shandong University, Shandong University of Technology, Binzhou College and other universities and research institutes. In terms of government talent: we undertook the western uplift of Shandong Development and Reform Commission in 2018. With a shortage of urgently needed talent projects.

Facing the future, under the correct leadership of the Binzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government of Boxing County and the county government, we will actively implement the guidelines and policies of the provincial party committee and the provincial government on comprehensively promoting the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and fulfill our company’s "sincere and sincere, harmonious The core value of symbiosis, as always, pioneering and innovating, contributes new kinetic energy and new impetus to social development.

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