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What is a modular cleanroom?

Dec 16,2021 | Industry Information

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What is a modular cleanroom?

A clean room refers to any controlled environment in which the air is filtered to remove limited particles and pollutants from the room.

At present, clean rooms are implemented according to traditional technology and engineering construction methods, and there are big enough: raw materials can not be standardized, large-scale mass production; long construction period, poor construction safety factor, low repetition rate of raw materials.

Modular clean rooms rely on prefabricated components to provide an environment that can meet the strictest clean room classification requirements. Modular clean rooms have the same advantages as traditional clean rooms, but are faster to install, more affordable, and easy to reconfigure or expand to meet the changing needs of your facility.

According to the key technology of the clean room engineering control modular design scheme, the electrical equipment pipelines, parts, pure water and pure gas pipelines and spare parts, process pipelines, protective equipment and raw materials are modularized to complete the practical project and clean room engineering. Large-scale construction of leased projects and standardization of building construction.

What are the benefits of a modular clean room?

The use of modular clean room raw materials in engineering projects will promote the purification engineering industry to reduce the construction period by 20%, greatly improve the construction quality, and further promote changes in the field's operation mode, as well as promote the upgrading and development of related fields. It has the function of promoting enterprise technology leadership and upgrading.

When cleaning is of utmost importance, the modular clean room is your best choice. The modular clean room system is custom designed and manufactured according to your specific specifications. Our modular clean room system has been carefully designed with clear edges, precise cuts and precise miter joints. This high-quality manufacturing method ensures a tight, sealed structure and assembly, thereby ensuring that your clean room maintains optimal performance and meets annual certification standards.

If you’re interested in learning more about modular cleanroom design, check our contact information or get in touch with our engineers.

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