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Wiskind attends the Sixth Green Factory Conference 2023

May 23,2023 | Marketing Campaign

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The 2023 (Sixth) Green Factory Conference, with the theme of "Green, Low Carbon, Wisdom, and Environmental Protection", was successfully held at the Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 20-21, 2023. The conference was sponsored by Asia-Pacific Construction Science and Technology Information Research Institute Co., Ltd., Green Factory Affairs Branch of China Electronics Energy Conservation Technology Association, "HVAC" magazine, "Water Supply and Drainage" magazine, "Smart Building Electrical Technology" magazine, and many Joint presentation of manufacturing units, general contractors, design units, and construction units in related fields.

In May 2015, China formally proposed the concept of green factory for the first time, which means that the negative environmental impact in the whole life cycle is small, the utilization rate of resources is high, and the optimization of economic and social benefits is realized. Under the international trend of green development, the manufacturing industry needs to grasp the general direction of the technological revolution and industrial transformation of the current era, promote green factories, promote supply-side structural reforms, accelerate the green transformation and development of the manufacturing industry, promote the steady growth of the industry, and create new advantage in international competition of manufacturing industry.

In 2023, China’s high-end manufacturing industries such as semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, photovoltaics, lithium batteries, biomedicine, and new materials will accelerate development and upgrading. High-end industrial manufacturing represents the comprehensive strength of the country and is also a necessary condition for the realization of high-quality development in my country. It is also particularly important to build a high-end manufacturing green factory.

With years of experience in the field of industrial cleanrooms, Wiskind has proposed customized clean room enclosure system solutions for biomedicine, renewable energy, semiconductor and other industries. Empower the construction of green factories with green products, and reduce the negative environmental impact of the whole life cycle of green factories with scientific solutions.

At the conference, Wiskind demonstrated the cleanroom partition wall systemceiling system, and clean doors and windows. Wiskind cooperates with top brands in the industry including Baosteel, Yehui, BlueScope, Masteel, BASF, Tata, AkzoNobel, etc., and actively promotes the innovative application of new technologies in cleanroom products.

As a leading company in the cleanroom enclosure system solution industry, Wiskind always regards "clean space is eternally beautiful, leading a green and intelligent future" as the mission of empowering the development of electronics, new energy, medicine, and food manufacturing industries, and will continue to deepen the depth of technology to serve China’s modern industrial manufacturing.

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