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Wiskind in 2019.11.19-22 pharmaceutical apis Pharmingredients exhibition in Russia Moscow

Oct 10,2019 | Blog

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Wiskind in 2019.11.19-22 pharmaceutical apis Pharmingredients exhibition in Russia Moscow.

Duration: 2019.11.19 ~ 2019.11.22

Booth:B1093-8 pavilion

Trade show: pharmaceuticals

Duration: one year

Venue: russia-moscow-crocus Exhibition

Location: CROCUS exhibition center, Moscow, Russia

Opening time :09:00-18:00

Organizer: ITE, UK

Exhibition area: 13500㎡

Audience: 5,984

Number of exhibitors: 370

Wiskind Products: clean room enclosure system engineering,partition wall systems, cleanroom ceiling systems, cleanroom doors and windows, etc.

About Wiskind

After more than 40 years of development, Wiskind Group has become the most professional clean room enclosure system service provider, modular clean room advocate and practitioner, and the country's largest intelligent manufacturer of clean panel. It has the world's first automatic production line for cleanroom panels with independent intellectual property rights and the world's leading automated production equipment for clean doors and windows.

Serving many large-scale system engineering companies at home and abroad, it has a leading position in the fields of electronics semiconductor, bio-pharmaceutical, food and medical engineering. Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group, Qilu Pharmaceutical, Yili, Mengniu, Samsung, Foxconn and many other Fortune 500 companies have used the company's clean series products.

The clean board is divided into a hand-made cleanroom panel and a mechanism clean board. The board type mainly has a middle-mounted box board and a tongue-and-groove board. The strength is large, the fireproof is good, the installation is convenient, and the appearance is flat.

The clean door and window product range is divided into clean steel doors, stainless steel doors, clean aluminum profiles and cleanroom windows, fire windows and dimming windows. It can provide clean room containment system solutions and related according to different industries and environments. Technical service support.

About  Exhibition

International pharmaceutical apis Pharmingredients exhibition, in Moscow, Russia is Russia and cis country has the highest degree of professional, the largest pharmaceutical industry professional exhibitions.

Including Pharmingredients + focus on pharmaceutical raw materials and ingredients, Pharmtech focus on pharmaceutical equipment, is the largest pharmaceutical in Russia and cis countries skills professional exhibitions, it shows the industry the most intact comprehensive skills and equipment, covering pharmaceutical materials, quality control, laboratory equipment, packaging skills, skills, and storage ability, etc.

As the exhibition grew and its influence expanded, PharmTech was held in 2015 at CROCUS, the largest pavilion in Moscow, providing all exhibitors and visitors with the highest international standards of exhibition services.During the four-day event, exhibitors use the platform to get to know suppliers and distributors who dominate pharmaceutical skills, expand their stores, improve their product image and adjust their business plans.

In Moscow, Russia pharmaceutical apis Pharmingredients Exhibition is organized by the British ITE, Exhibition next year, the Exhibition and enterprise open the Russian market is very important a platform, pharmaceutical apis in Moscow, Russia Pharmingredients previous attracted 370 exhibitors from Exhibition, number of customers reached 5984, the Exhibition is the Crocus Exhibition Centre, the Exhibition area of 13500 square.

Exhibits Range

Pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, chemical intermediates, excipients, and active ingredients, alkaloids, and active ingredients, amino acids, antibiotic, antibacterial, antiseptic, enzymes, hormones and synthetic products, capsule and animal and plant extracts, moisturizing agent, antioxidant, catalyst and emulsifier melting agent, herbal tea, intermediates, ointment, phospholipids, sweeteners, lubricants, pigment, coating materials, flavors, interferon, diagnostic reagents, fine chemicals, colloid, medicinal plants, serum and vaccine, suppository and tablet, contract research, customization, market service and so on;Pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical industry raw materials and components, intermediates, pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceutical packaging, laboratory equipment and reagents, control instruments and equipment, clinical research, cleanroom technology, pharmaceutical engineering, personal protective equipment, quality inspection equipment and consumer products, pharmaceutical industry auxiliary software.

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