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Wiskind's first exhibition after the Cove-19 epidemic - Liangzhilong's trip to the food industry exhibition came to a successful conclusion

Jul 11,2022 | Marketing Campaign

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The three-day Liangzhilong Food Exhibition successfully concluded, let us review the trip to Wuhan together! In hot Wuhan, there were a sea of people at the exhibition. As WISKIND's first exhibition after the epidemic this year, we attach great importance to it.

The continuous rain and high temperature in Wuhan brought challenges to the preparation of the exhibition stand, and more worrying is that bad weather may affect the exhibition effect. However, on July 6, the first day of the exhibition, the three-day exhibition, like the heat of summer, welcomed many enthusiastic visitors.

Professional audience in an endless stream, we use professional and standardized services to discuss and communicate from industry development, technology trends and solutions according to customer needs.

Innovative products Endure ® plate, Hygisteel ® plate become the most popular

The Endure ® plate has excellent blood and oil resistance, excellent performance in acid, alkali and corrosion resistance and beautiful color. Hygisteel ® is WISKIND and Baosteel jointly launched a more suitable for industrial clean space color coating plate.

Wiskind's new stainless steel wall base attracts attention

The food industry is often faced with the failure to achieve the waterproof effect, and the bottom is used for a long time to breed bacteria. The new stainless steel waterproof wall base product is suitable for places with requirements such as scouring, cleaning and disinfection. It has reliable sealing and durability, and can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria. It is widely used in the field of food processing.

Food safety, "enclosed" to the end

This exhibition allows us to see the opportunities and challenges of the food industry. With the subdivision and specialization of the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the food industry, it has brought more opportunities to Wiskind in the food industry, and firmly grasping the opportunities to empower the industry development will become our new business development direction.

With people pay more attention to food safety, food processing has more stringent standards for the production environment. Wiskind has been focusing on innovation and breakthroughs in the process manufacturing and material properties of food workshop enclosure products. Provide customers with high-grade food industry solutions.

Wiskind helps the development of the food industry, empowers the industry to develop in a more efficient, scientific and friendly direction, and walks side by side with the times

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