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A successful curtain call | Driving the future of manufacturing with digitalization and empowering the development of pharmaceutical engineering with advanced manufacturing| Driving the future of manufacturing with digitalization and empowering the development of pharmaceutical engineering with advanced manufacturing

Aug 29,2022 | Company News

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The 2nd Dandelion (Suzhou) Annual Meeting of Pharmaceutical Engineering Equipment Managers was successfully held in Suzhou from August 27th to 28th, 2022. Wiskind, as the co-organizer of this annual meeting, discussed with enterprise representatives and experts in the field of pharmaceutical engineering. How to empower the high-quality development of pharmaceutical engineering under the changing global economy and pharmaceutical industry.

The two-day conference, from the discussion of 《Challenges and Responses of China's Pharmaceutical Industry under the Background of Global Economic Shock》, to the 《10-year Development of GMP and the "Progressive Transformation" of Pharmaceutical Engineering》, 《Pharmaceutical Enterprise Automation and Informatization Practice》. Sharing, and then to the discussion on 《Careful Calculation of Pharmaceutical Engineering Costs in the Situation of Centralized Procurement》, the content is concentrated and rich. There are also three thematic forums: Biopharmaceutical Forum, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Project Management Forum, Intelligent Manufacturing and Information Technology Forum. In order to continue and deepen the theme and goal of this conference, the organizer initiated a visit to the Wiskind Zhenjiang Digital Benchmarking Manufacturing Base to deeply analyze the value of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry to the high-quality development of pharmaceutical engineering.

27th-28th in the morning, Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou

During the one-and-a-half-day conference, there was an endless stream of people at the booth of Wiskind, many of whom were serving pharmaceutical factory customers in the pharmaceutical field. They were Wiskind's "platform", communicating with pharmaceutical engineering experts and representatives and analyzing the building envelope of Wiskind's clean workshop. Advantages of products in pharmaceutical projects. In addition, Wiskind's booth also attracted some experts and representatives who "came here". We are pleased that the market influence of Wiskind brand in East China, Southwest China and Central China has grown rapidly in recent years. Wiskind always believes that good products and services are the foundation of enterprise development, and we are committed to becoming a respected and sustainable enterprise.

28th afternoon, Zhenjiang Wiskind Digital Manufacturing Base

Wiskind's special car took the pharmaceutical industry experts and representatives from the Suzhou venue to the Wiskind Zhenjiang manufacturing base. The visiting guests were all pleasantly surprised by the modernization and digital capabilities of the Wiskind Zhenjiang base. The theme of this visit: Drive the future of manufacturing with digitalization, and empower the development of pharmaceutical engineering with advanced manufacturing. The visit process is divided into: exhibition hall, production line, conference room discussion.

During the visit of the exhibition hall, we showed the full product line of Wiskind in the field of cleaning to the expert representatives, and introduced the advantages of the products in detail. The electronic and biomedical clean model room display area has become a "popular". The experts and representatives felt the difference in materials and brought about a completely different effect of the interior of the clean room. The value of long-term operational and maintenance cost reduction.

During the production line visit, we showed the advanced manufacturing equipment and advanced production lean management of Wiskind to the experts and representatives, and also explained the advantages of high-quality and high-yield manufacturing that benefit from the digital transformation of manufacturing. We implement the management of "one code for one item" and "one code for one board". By scanning the barcode of the product label, we can accurately query the product life cycle information from incoming material inspection to finished product shipment.

During the discussion in the conference room, Lu Zhizhen, Manager of Wiskind Digital Center, shared 《Digital Transformation of Wiskind Manufacturing from Design to Construction》, and Wei Jianlong, Director of Clean Technology R&D Center shared 《Digital Transformation of Clean Space Design - D-SPACE》, and fully reported demonstrated Wiskind's experience and experience in fully digital development from business, data, application, construction tasks, creating a panorama of digital factories, building and completing four closed loops of production and operation, closed loop of quality, closed loop of material demand to consumption, closed loop of production planning, and closed loop of maintenance. results. Expert representatives sighed at the future prospects of digitalization, and highly praised Wiskind's efficiency and remarkable results in implementing digital transformation.

As the pioneer of the cleanroom enclosure system brand, Wiskind has always adhered to the concept of technological innovation, and coordinated to promote the development of the industry in a more standardized and scientific direction. Warmly celebrate the successful conclusion of the second Dandelion (Suzhou) Pharmaceutical Engineering Equipment Managers Annual Meeting co-organized by Wiskind!

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