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Digitalization empowers the development of pharmaceutical|The 2023 China Pharmaceutical Engineering Intelligent Pharmaceutical Factory Technical Experience Exchange Meeting was a complete success

Mar 28,2023 | Company News

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On March 23, the 2023 annual pharmaceutical engineering technology exchange conference was held in Chongqing. This conference is sponsored by China Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Association, in order to better improve the quality of pharmaceutical engineering design and demonstrate the innovative and excellent development achievements in the field of pharmaceutical engineering.Many industry experts and representatives of advanced enterprises, including Zhejiang University automation, double doctorate in Chinese pharmacy, academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, Professor Liu Xuesong, gathered together to present a high-quality academic feast.

Wei Jianlong, Director of Wiskind Technology Research and Development Center (an expert of the CPAPE Environmental Engineering Expert Committee) delivered a keynote speech on "Digital Drives Smart Future - Building an Open and Collaborative Clean Space Design Platform dSpace" at the exchange meeting, and cooperated with the upstream and downstream industries. Discuss the use of digitalization to empower the development of clean engineering.

Based on a large number of clean room engineering project design databases, Wiskind developed the dSpace design software in communication with traditional layout design software. It analyzed from the aspects of solving engineering construction pain points, improving design efficiency, and saving project costs. It has received great attention from many design and construction units on site.

There was a lively exchange at the Wiskind booth. Have an in-depth understanding of the functions and applications of Wiskind cleanroom enclosure products.

At present, my country's industrial development is facing new situations and challenges. Accelerating the digital transformation of the industrial is not only a strategic requirement for my country to accelerate industrial upgrading, but also an important measure to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of my country's manufacturing industry.

As a professional cleanroom enclosure system solution provider, Wiskind has cooperated with Siemens to build the industry's first digital benchmarking manufacturing base in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu.

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