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The national standard seminar was successfully held in Wiskind

Mar 28,2023 | Company News

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On March 21, the National Standard Seminar on "Technical Guidelines for the Application of Sandwich Panels in Clean Room and Related Controlled Environment Enclosure Structures" was successfully held in Wiskind East China Intelligent Manufacturing and R&D Base. Yang Ziqiang, secretary-general of China Association for Standardization, and 15 expert representatives from many major standard drafting units across the country attended the seminar. On behalf of Wiskind, Wei Jianlong, director of the Technology R&D Center, extended a warm welcome to the standard writing committee, and was honored to provide research pilots and conference support for the smooth formulation of the standard, and personally contribute to the strength of "Wiskind".

The expert group visited the first digital factory in China jointly built by Wiskind and Siemens, and learned more about the digital exhibition hall and the intelligent production line ocleanroom panels.

Through on-site visits and exchanges, the expert group highly recognized Wiskind's 43-year development history, and praised the industry's advancement in innovative research and development, intelligent manufacturing, quality control, sales and service systems.

Subsequently, the expert group held an informal discussion. The conference conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as the latest policies and regulations, standard technical guidelines, and advanced manufacturing concepts in the electronics industry. In the end, the expert group completed the preparation of preliminary technical standards for the "Guidelines for the Application of Sandwich Panels in Clean Room and Related Controlled Environment Enclosure Structures". At the same time, the standard highlights the unique functions and performances in the cleanroom field, and plays an important role in the high-quality development of the cleanroom industry.

Unify cognition, comprehensively improve, and jointly create a "cleanroom future". Thanks again to the experts and leaders of the China Standardization Association, the Cleanroom Standards Committee, the editor-in-chief of the standard, and the participating units for their efforts and contributions to the compilation of technical standards. Wiskind Cleanroom is willing to work together with colleagues in the industry to create a greener and smarter future for the cleanroom industry.

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