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Innovative asset central kitchen architectural design and operation management seminar (Changsha Station) successfully conclusion

Mar 28,2023 | Company News

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From 15th to 17th of March, the 42nd Central Kitchen Design, Construction and Operation Management Seminar hosted by the Food Industry Productivity Promotion Center, the China Productivity Promotion Center Association, and the Central Kitchen and Industrialized Catering and Food Working Committee was successfully held in Changsha. Wiskind was invited to share the theme of "Central kitchen cleanroom system solution application" in the meeting. There are mainly two parts of the training agenda: concept discussion of central kitchen new technology application and innovation; visit and learning of benchmark projects.

The meeting brought together nearly a hundred managers and technicians from central kitchens, food and catering companies from all over the country to discuss related topics such as the design, construction and operation management of central kitchens. The meeting also investigated one of Wiskind’s projects - Hunan Pengjifang agricultural science and technology development Co., Ltd.

Wiskind and many other industry experts and business representatives jointly discussed the application of new technologies and innovative concepts in the design, construction, production, processing, and operation management of central kitchens in the catering industry. Some related topics are "Central kitchen product planning and positioning", "Central kitchen product R&D and operation management", "Central kitchen process design and engineering technology", "Central kitchen product planning and positioning", "Central kitchen smart management".

The benchmark project is Pengjifang from Ningxiang, Hunan Province. It is one of the typical cases of Wiskind's food enclosure solutions in the field of prepared dishes. Wiskind supplied 35,000㎡ of cleanroom panels for the first and second phases of the project, offering a comprehensive enclosure structure system solution for the construction of a large-scale, intensive, and standardized central kitchen.

As a characteristic production and supply mode of the catering and food industry chain, the central kitchen connects upstream to “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and downstream to dining tables. It provides new opportunities to promote the transformation of the food industry.

Wiskind devotes efforts to technological innovation, the improvement of service capabilities, and continuously research and development of interior construction materials for food factories in order to create a safe, long-lasting, beautiful and friendly production environment for the food industry, and injecting new energy into the development of food industry.

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