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Empower domestic Wiskind to join hands with Today Semiconductor to empower

Mar 29,2023 | Company News

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On March 20-21, 2023, the 2023 China International Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Conference was successfully held in Shanghai. The conference was hosted by the Organizing Committee of the China International Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Conference and Shanghai Fengxian Core World Semiconductor Promotion Center. Wiskind appeared this conference as a co-organizer.

The semiconductor industry consists of design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, and packaging. The core industry chain is mainly composed of three links: design, manufacturing, packaging and testing. Packaging and testing is an important part of the development of high-end chip manufacturing. More and more companies are investing and expand the layout.Wiskind, as a manufacturer of cleanroom enclosure systems in the semiconductor industry, joins hands with upstream and downstream companies in the semiconductor industry to face various uncertainties in the internal and external business environment and meet new opportunities and challenges.

With the theme of "Combining core strengths, gaining insight into core opportunities, and empowering domestic production", this conference invited experts and professionals from various fields in the semiconductor industry, will jointly discuss and share the development trend and policies of the future semiconductor industry, so as to realize resource sharing and win-win cooperation.

Relying on years of experience in the industry, Wiskind has developed a series of special partition wall systems for users in the electronics industry in a dust-free workshop environment, using aluminum alloy profiles with surface spraying treatment as the connection structure of each module. Wall panels and wall panels, wall panels and roof panels, wall panels and doors and windows can be quickly and easily assembled, disassembled and modified. The structure is simple, the splicing is reliable, the labor cost is reduced, and the construction efficiency is improved. No need for silicone sealant treatment, fully meeting the needs of the electronic industry clean workshop partition system renovation.

Wiskind ceiling system adopts modular design, which has great plasticity and flexible combination and matching. The double-layer ceiling structure can be selected, or only the lower FFU keel single-layer ceiling can be selected. The FFU keel system has a variety of components. The cross joint can be used to install sprinklers, smoke detectors and lighting wires. The cleanroom teardrop lighting can be installed below. The FFU ceiling can also be used with the FFU fan filter unit. It is suitable for local laminar flow system, FFU system and air purification system of different cleanliness levels.

Wiskind is a provider of industrial cleanroom enclosure system solutions, serving many large-scale system engineering companies at home and abroad, and has a leading edge in the engineering fields of electronics, food, biomedicine, new energy and medical industries. Wiskind will cooperate with the concept of common development of the industrial chain to escort China's electronic semiconductor industry to improve the localization rate.

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