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Cleanroom Sandwich Wall Panel for Pharmaceutical With CE

The modular sandwich wall panel system is made of aluminum profiles,various surface steel,factory prefabrication,on-site splicing,module installation is convenient and fast,mainly used in operating cleanroom.

Lead Time:2-7day


Max Length:9000mm

Wall Thickness:50mm

Steel Facer Thickness:0.4-0.8mm

Core Materials:Rockwool, Magnesium board, Paper Honeycomb, Aluminium Honeycomb, Plaster, EPS, etc.

Outer Plate Material:PPGI


Frame Thickness:0.6/0.8mm

Applications :Pharmaceutical Cleanroom, Electronic Cleanroom, Food Cleanroom, etc.

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Product Descirption

Product Name

Customized Cleanroom Sandwich Wall Panel for Pharmaceutical with CE



Max Length

Wall panel 9000mm,Celing panel 3500mm

Wall Thickness


Steel Facer Thickness


Outer Plate Material   

PPGI,Al-mg-Mn Alloy Steel,SS Steel,Ti-Zn Steel,VCM,HygiSteel™



Core Material

Rock Wool,Magnesium Board,Paper Honey Comb,Aluminium Honey Comb,Plaster,EPS,etc.

Frame Thickness



Pharmaceutical Cleanroom,Electronic Cleanroom,Food Cleanroom,etc.

Cleanroom Sandwich Panel Advantage: 

1. Sandwich wall panels are made of aluminum profiles, modular installation, convenient and quick, non-standard can be customized.

2. It is suitable for different environments and provides a variety of core materials with the characteristics of fire resistance, corrosion resistance, noise reduction, and moisture resistance.

3. Wiskind provides 6 different panels to provide customers with more services. In the food industry, due to frequent cleaning and disinfection, wall panels need corrosion resistance, so we recommend stainless steel cleanroom sandwich panels.

4. The reserved hole reinforcement and the pipeline box have been pre-assembled into the panel in the factory, which effectively reduces the secondary pollution during use, especially in the operating room.

5. The sandwich cleanroom panel can be installed flush with the cleanroom door to ensure the cleanroom cleanliness level.

HygiSteel™ - Customized color painted steel sheet for a better cleanroom environment

After years of research, it was found that Baosteel White Gray was initially applied to the exterior wall enclosure system, and it was not satisfactory in terms of gloss and color difference. So is there a color that replaces white and gray in the clean industry, which is more high-end and more aesthetic?

Based on this idea, Wiskind and Baosteel jointly developed and launched HygiSteel™. The Nordic colorists customize the color to match the white glue color. In terms of gloss, it is 42.9% lower than white-gray, chromatic aberration control level is increased by 60%, and whiteness is increased by 4 units. At the same time, it has better performance than ordinary products in terms of flatness.

Production Technology: 

1.Self-developed No.1 Automatic production line for cleanroom wall panel systems.Wiskind has independently developed a set of international advanced purification of plate continuous production system, including: roller pressure molding system, automatic renewal cotton system, automatic spray adhesive system, double track to finalize the design and temperature control system, robot palletizing system and control system, the system has a high degree of automation.

2.High-efficiency production line increases production capacity by 6 to 8 times,the processing efficiency and product quality is stable, the largest production capacity reach 200㎡ per year, and can produce a variety of core material purification plate, purification plate continuous production system as a key development project in shandong province in 2016 and in 2018 the successful acceptance of the expert group members agree that this system has reached the international advanced lev

3.Accurately measure and control sheet metal forming, gluing, core filling, composite molding and finished palletizing.

  • High-precision composite: the new process board is composite from the inside of the high-precision composite machine, and the side of the cleanroom panel is clamped and positioned with side mold.
  • The flatness of the board is higher: in the flatness of the board and lateral verticality, the new equipment adopts the single plate pressing technology, steel mold single block pressing up and down the material, the flatness is high, to avoid the moon bending, distortion and deformation phenomenon of the multi-layer pressing.
  • Straighter lateral verticality: set lateral mold fixed to ensure lateral verticality, completely avoid the displacement of the upper and lower steel plates when compounding, resulting in dimensional error, to ensure the accuracy of plate joints after installation.
  • Plate thickness is consistent: the thickness of the plate depends on the thickness positioning of the side equal blocks. The thickness consistency of the plate after composite is high, avoiding uneven plate surface after installation.
  • Automatic cloth glue: the root adhesive technology, quality more stable, through experiment data testing, automatic line products industry relatively excellent traditional manual wire bonding strength and the flexural bearing capacity have been greatly improved, automatic line cleanroom rock wool panel bonding strength is higher than industry excellent traditional manual line products 50%, double glass magnesium for two times;In terms of flexural capacity, the automatic rock wool cleanroom panel is 12% higher than the industry's excellent traditional manual products, double glass magnesium 37% higher.
  • Robot stacking: the use of fully automatic robot stacking, higher efficiency, through accurate measurement, intelligent control, so that the precision of clean room panel, strength, flatness and beauty get greatly improved, product quality is more stable.Truly "technology makes every clean room panels of the same quality." 

If you have decided to renovate or expand a pharmaceutical cleanroom. Now, in the detailed design phase, you need to make critical decisions about the quality of the facilities you run and the materials you build. This will determine the service life of the cleanroom of the pharmaceutical factory, which is related to your annual profit. Cleanroom materials are one of the most important decisions you make.

Each project type has its own design challenges, whether it's a biologic cleanroom or a medical cleanroom. There are also common challenges between them, such as skilled worker installation, existing premises, building conditions, and most importantly project budget. An excellent project is what kind of universal cleanroom wall and cleanroom ceiling system to apply when building a modular cleanroom.

At Wiskind, the concept of a modular cleanroom system was proposed, which has become more and more popular in many industries. This cleanroom is quick to install and easy to maintain, and is suitable for many applications, from medical and pharmaceutical work to manufacturing. If you're not sure if a modular cleanroom design is right for your organization, why not take the time to understand the benefits of this environment?

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Cleanroom Sandwich Wall Panel for Pharmaceutical With CE

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