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Affirmation of innovation! Wiskind was awarded the Shandong Gazelle Benchmarking Enterprise

Jan 18,2019 | Company News

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On January 14th, the Young Entrepreneur Innovation and Development Summit Shandong Top Ten Industrial Capital Matching Activities was held in the Golden Hall of Jinan Shandong Building. Wiskind's construction steel products were selected for the gazelot benchmark enterprise in Shandong Province. Wiskind Director Wei Longfeng took the stage as a representative of the company to receive the award.

The second batch of 100 gazelle enterprises in Shandong Province was released at the meeting. This list includes 50 gazelle benchmarking companies and 50 gazelle enterprises. In addition to the 500,000 yuan award from the provincial finance, these enterprises will also receive the province's precise support policies in investment and financing, financial law, management consulting, expert talents, intellectual property and technical standards.

Gazelle enterprises, which are supported by technological innovation or business model innovation, enter the high-growth SMEs. This recognition is an affirmation that Wiskind continues to maintain a high growth trend and adhere to the development of scientific and technological innovation.

For 40 years, Wiskind has integrated innovation into its brand DNA. Products and services are widely used in industrial manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, modern agriculture, public buildings, transportation and commercial facilities, and contribute unique value to the progress and development of various industries.

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