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Welcome Prof. Wei Sun,Chairman of IEST,To Wiskind Group

Jan 07,2019 | Company News

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On May 24th, Prof. Wei Sun, Chairman of the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) visited Wiskind. Longzhu Wei, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Fuchang Yang, General Manager of Clean Technology, Wei Zhang, Director of Marketing Center, etc. Received visiting guests.

From 1981 to 1985, Prof. Wei Sun studied at the School of Energy and Power Engineering, Shanghai University of Technology (formerly the Department of Power, Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Engineering), majoring in heat transfer, mass transfer and fluid mechanics. He was the sports minister and vice chairman of the student union. In 1988, he went to the United States to pursue postgraduate studies. He has served as director of research and development, chief engineer and vice president of several famous American architectural design firms and research institutes. In July 2016, Sun Wei was elected as the chairman of IEST. This is the first time since the establishment of IEST, the highest position was held by Chinese people.

Mr.Wei Sun visited Wiskind showrooms, workshops, laboratories, etc., and was very concerned about the development of the clean industry. He said that China is moving towards a world manufacturing powerhouse. Indoor air purification technology is not only widely used in commercial and civil buildings, but also in cutting-edge high-tech. An important environmental guarantee for the manufacturing industry.

IEST has strong technical strength and global cooperation planning. It hopes that through cooperation with domestic universities, societies and enterprises, domestic universities can publish more papers and conduct more international academic exchanges in international academic journals. Chinese companies play a role in providing better high-end equipment to the world.

Founded in 1953, IEST is a non-profit, multidisciplinary, comprehensive academic institution established in the world for indoor air purification, pollution control, clean room design and manufacturing, equipment testing, and product reliability. Develop US standards and guidelines for evaluation and other aspects.

Through this exchange, Mr. Wei Sun has brought us a lot of technical guidance and advanced technology solutions from the United States, which has greatly promoted the development of Wiskind in the field of cleanliness.

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