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Application And Classification Of FFU

Dec 07,2023 | Blog

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The FFU can be connected and used in a modular manner, and is widely used in clean rooms, clean workbenches, clean production lines, assembled clean rooms and local level 100 applications.

FFU is equipped with primary and high-efficiency two-stage filters. The fan sucks the air from the top of the FFU and filters it through primary and high-efficiency filters. The filtered clean air is sent out at a constant wind speed of 0.45M/S±20% on the entire air outlet surface. Suitable for obtaining high-level clean environment in various environments. It provides high-quality clean air for clean rooms and micro-environments of different sizes and cleanliness levels. In the renovation and renovation of new clean rooms and clean workshops, it can not only improve the cleanliness level, reduce noise and vibration, but also greatly reduce the cost, and is easy to install and maintain. It is an ideal component for clean environments.

FFU is equipped with primary and high-efficiency two-stage filters

FFU application

Generally, clean room systems include air duct systems, FFU systems and axial flow fan systems. Clean rooms with a cleanliness level of 1000 (FS209E standard) or ISO 6 or above usually adopt FFU layout, partially purified environment or clean cabinet , clean workbench, etc. are usually implemented using FFU. Because compared to duct systems, FFU has the following advantages:

1.Replacement, installation, and movement are flexible and easy. FFU is self-powered and self-contained and modular. The supporting filter is easy to replace, so it is not restricted by area. In clean factory, it can be controlled by zone,replaced as neededand move.

2.Negative pressure ventilation is a unique feature of FFU. Because it can provide static pressure itself, the clean room is at a positive pressure relative to the outside world. In this way, external particles will not leak into the clean area, making sealing simple and safe.

3.Shorten the construction period. Using FFU eliminates the need for making and installing air ducts, shortening the construction period.

4.Reduce operating costs. Although the initial investment when choosing FFU is higher than using duct ventilation, it has outstanding features such as energy saving and maintenance-free in later operations.

5.Space saving. Compared with other systems, the FFU system occupies less floor height in the air supply static plenum box and takes up basically no clean indoor space.

Classification of FFU

1.According to chassis dimensions

According to the distance from the center line of the ceiling keel used to install the unit, the chassis module size is mainly divided into: 1200*600, code 42; 1200*900, code 43; 1200*1200, code 44; 600*600, code It is 22; 750*1500, code is 25; other customer-customized non-standard sizes (custom-size, represented by CS).

2.According to different classifications of chassis materials,

They are divided into standard coated steel plates (including galvanized, galvanized, spray-coated, etc.), code-named G; stainless steel plates, code-named S; aluminum plates (aluminum alloy plates), code-named It is A; other materials are code-named O.

3.According to motor mode

Classification according to motor mode Classification according to motor mode, it can be divided into AC motor and brushless DC motor. The AC single-phase motor code is A1; the AC three-phase motor code is A3; the DC brushless motor code is EC.

4.According to different control methods,

AC power supply units are divided into single-working-mode units, represented by S; multi-working-mode staged control units, represented by M; stepless control units, including voltage regulation or frequency conversion control, etc. Can be defaulted.

5.According to the different static pressure of the unit

It is divided into standard static pressure type and high static pressure type. The standard static pressure type is coded as S; the high static pressure type is coded as H. This item can be defaulted for standard static pressure type.

6.According to the different efficiency of the filter

The unit can be divided into high-efficiency filter, code-named H; ultra-high-efficiency filter, code-named U; if the unit inlet is equipped with a coarse-efficiency pre-filter, the code-name is P, without pre-filter Filter can be defaulted.

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