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Baosteel-Wiskind comprehensive technical cooperation officially launched!

Oct 18,2018 | Company News

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On October 18, 2018, during the 40th anniversary of Wiskind and the Future Building Development Forum, Wiskind and Baosteel Co., Ltd. officially launched full technical cooperation. To help users achieve value growth requires two drivers, one is the technological advancement as a driving force, and the other is the application innovation as a driving force. In order to provide more suitable products to our customers, we will lead users to scientifically select materials and continuously promote the progress of the industry.

Creating a life-changing life, Baosteel is a leader in steel technology and a standard setter for many steel products in China. Wiskind is a professional enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and construction of steel in construction applications. Wiskind and Baosteel began. Comprehensive technical cooperation means sharing the results of new technologies to our users more quickly, and letting users feel the beauty of technology and the beauty of architecture.

The two sides carry out comprehensive technical cooperation, which can integrate the advantages of both parties and achieve the goal of safety, longevity, beauty, environmental friendliness and resource conservation of steel structure construction, promote technological progress in the building envelope industry, and benefit the society together. In the following year, the two parties will further subdivide the market, carry out research on corrosion resistance of steel plates and optimization of materials; at the same time, carry out corrosion and incision protection treatment of steel plates after pressing, and promote new products of Baosteel in steel structures. Applied research work.

Technological advancement and application innovation require full value chain participation and deep cooperation. The launch of Baosteel-Wiskind's comprehensive technical cooperation is the concrete performance of the core values of “Sincerity, Goodness and Harmony” that Wiskind has always adhered to. It also reflects the interaction between Baosteel and Wiskind and downstream users to create and share value together. The determination also marks a new step for Wiskind's in-depth cooperation with outstanding companies in the industry, sharing value chains and creating value for customers. We have been working hard.

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