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Nippon - Wiskind Joint Innovation Center Launched

Oct 19,2018 | Company News

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On October 19th, Wiskind and Wiskind Coil Coatings Joint Innovation Center was officially established on the 40th anniversary of the founding of Wiskind and the Future Building Development Forum. Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd. held a signing and launching ceremony with Wiskind Group.

The two companies will use the Coil Innovation Center as the platform to comprehensively cooperate in the whole process of innovation (including business opportunity discovery, technology development, commercialization and promotion), and the entire industry chain innovation ecosystem (including paint manufacturers, coil production). Merchants, color-coated board building materials manufacturers, distributors, design institutes, general contractors and owners, etc.) fully collaborate, integrate and share the industrial resources of both parties, carry out joint innovation in the field of color-coated board application, and improve the products of both sides The market leading position and market influence of technology provides high value-added solutions for customers in the construction market.

The chief technology officer of Nippon Paint's parent company, Singapore Lishi Group, Dr. Hong Jiang, President of Lishi Group Coil Coatings and Longzhu Wei, Chairman of Wiskind Group attended the signing and launching ceremony.

Nippon Paint representative Dr. Hong Jiang said: The cooperation between Nippon Paint and Wiskind will effectively integrate the resources, experience and technology of the two sides in the architectural color coated board market, and carry out targeted innovation of market and technology to more precise. Products meet the needs of customers in the downstream building segment and create greater value for customers.

Chairman Longzhu Wei said: After years of development in the market, the customer demand in the color coating industry has also changed, requiring suppliers to provide more comprehensive, more targeted and more technical solutions. Through in-depth cooperation, joint research and development, and collaborative innovation, the two companies will be able to provide higher-end products and better system-wide customized services to jointly meet the innovation challenges of product technology.

The upstream and downstream cooperation between Wiskind and Nippon Paint's industrial chain will open a new chapter of cooperation in the color-coated board industry. By focusing on the joint innovation of customers' needs and project landing, it will present more high-value-added “works”. , return the market and customers. The establishment of the Joint Innovation Center is not only the integration of resources between the two sides, but also the starting point for mutual benefit. In the future, Nippon will continue to innovate, make full use of the resource platform, create better products, provide more intimate services, build an integrated enterprise that is integrated, efficient and oriented, and play its due role for more customers. More partners contribute.

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