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Cleanroom doors and windows necessary for clean room installation

Jul 10,2020 | Blog

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In order to maximize the air purification function of the clean room and effectively prevent external polluted air from penetrating into the clean room through the gap between the cleanroom doors and windows, the cleanroom doors and windows are required to have excellent air tightness; frequent entry and exit of personnel and goods requires the cleanroom doors to be opened and closed It should have good stability under repeated actions.

Wiskind Clean 1-100k windows for the clean room compartment and a color steel construction, air-tightness and excellent in stability, which is better than the market generally clean windows , specifically as following.

Cleanroom door

1. Air tightness

Adopting (aerospace, shipping, precision electrical cabinet industry) German equipment, German craftsmanship, German polyurethane glue on-site foam production, stable structure, not easy to fall, life is 4 to 5 times that of ordinary adhesive rubber seals, resistant to ultraviolet rays, alcohol, etc. Disinfection is not easy to aging under frequent disinfection environment, non-toxic and harmless to human body, excellent air tightness, can effectively prevent pressure loss inside the clean room, and ensure the air tightness of the clean room.

Designed according to GMP requirements, the sealing strip is automatically lowered after the door is closed to enhance the overall airtightness of the door. The sealing strip is made of silicone rubber, which has good durability and is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. The overall lowering design is adopted to avoid uneven ground. The situation that the sealing strip is not in place is suitable for use in medical and pharmaceutical industries that need to maintain an airtight environment.

2. Stability

When enterprises use clean doors and windows, they often find that clean doors and windows are not very durable. Some hardware is particularly easy to damage, and even some clean doors do not even have door closers. In order to solve these problems, Wiskind cleanroom doors use German imported hardware accessories, custom-made in cooperation with German GEZE, universal European standard lock body, fire resistance rating 90 minutes, continuous fatigue test 200,000 opening and closing, appearance parts 96 hours of salt spray test without damage , Can withstand the high-frequency disinfection of the pharmaceutical and medical industries; meet the actual needs of the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

3. Door body and glass

Wiskind steel cleanroom door adopts non-flowered galvanized sheet produced by well-known domestic manufacturers (Baosteel), the galvanized amount of the sheet is not less than 80g/² (high-end steel door uses electrolytic galvanized sheet), and the flatness of the sheet High, thin plate thickness tolerance, not easy to rust, the whole surface of the door is sprayed with electrostatic resin powder, the thickness of the paint surface is not less than 70um micron paint surface, the steel plate base material is passivated before spraying, the paint surface adhesion is stronger and durable It has better performance than general paint, has high temperature resistance and general disinfection resistance, and is more suitable for long-term use in pharmaceutical and medical industries that require frequent cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.

Cleanroom window

Wiskind cleanroom windows are double-layer 5mm tempered glass, aluminum alloy frame and sealed with effective sealant. There is a desiccant that absorbs water vapor between the two layers of glass, so as to ensure that the inside of the hollow glass is a dry air layer, and there is no moisture or dust. It has good heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-leakage and anti-penetration properties, with black edges and beautiful design, beautiful appearance, simple and transparent. Wiskind's cleanroom windows can be used not only as windows for cleanroom doors but also as enclosures for clean rooms. It can also be used to display beautiful windows for corporate culture promotion, which can be described as a multi-purpose window.

The purpose of the installation and use of clean doors and windows is to minimize the air circulation and penetration, ensure the clean and dust-free performance of the clean room , and prevent cross-contamination. Wiskind's cleanroom doors and windows can not only effectively maintain a closed and dust-free environment, maximize clean performance, but also achieve the highest quality, high stability, high sealing, and high value in the configuration of each group of accessories.

Wiskind is committed to becoming the most trusted enterprise in the field of clean room enclosure systems , meeting the individual needs of different customers, and providing you with the highest quality products and the most professional solutions that are not limited to clean doors and windows.

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