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China's Sinovac vaccine phase III trials in Brazil only need 3 months! Wiskind Cleanroom provides the ultimate clean workshop for vaccine production

Jul 24,2020 | Blog

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Sinovac Life Sciences Co., Ltd., (or “Sinovac LS”), previously known as Sinovac Research & Development Co., td., is a research-based company incorporated in 2009 that conducts human vaccine research, development, manufacturing, and sales. Sinovac LS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinovac Biotech (Hong Kong) Limited. It develops several human vaccines, including vaccines against pneumonia, DTaP, Hib, hepatitis B vaccines, and combo vaccines containing DTaP and Hib. Sinovac LS was granted 12 patents in vaccine technologies in China. Sinovac Life Sciences is the developer of CoronaVac, an inactivated COVID-19 vaccine candidate, and will be the marketing authorization holder of CoronaVac in China with a vaccine production license from China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA).The cleanroom system of this project is provided by Wiskind.

“We tested on Ganges monkeys, which are the closest experimental animals to humans, and found that when these vaccinated monkeys were attacked by a high concentration of the new coronavirus, the viral load had already fallen, and we would look for them in 7 days. The virus is gone, and there is no pathological change, so this is encouraging and exciting news..” Yin Weidong said, chairman of Kexing Holdings.

Yin Weidong said that their vaccine clinical research is proceeding smoothly, with 144 volunteers in the first phase of clinical vaccination and 600 volunteers in the second phase of clinical vaccination. We will have feedback from researchers every day to track the reactions of volunteers and see what kind of adverse reactions there are. It seems that there are no serious adverse reactions reports, which means that safety is still good. Of course, this research is very rigorous and requires double-blind design and unblinding, etc., and will also make a registration report to the State Drug Administration to advance the development of the new crown vaccine.

The relevant person in charge of Kexing also answered the question “when will the vaccine be put into use” that everyone is most concerned about. “It is not yet possible to say a specific time, but the speed of clinical research has been very fast.” The person in charge explained that under routine conditions, vaccine clinical research needs to be carried out in phases one, two and three in sequence, especially when the third phase often requires observation of a disease epidemic The cycle may take one year or even two or three years, but the research and development of the new coronary pneumonia vaccine has rapidly advanced to the first and second phases. The virus was discovered in January and entered the second phase in May, which is quite fast.

And in the very early March 2020, Wiskind cleanroom has participated in the design of vaccine workshop. In May, we finished all the cleanroom panels, doors, and windows, which has been shipped to the site. The COVID-19 is the challenge for the whole world, and Wiskind, as a member and staunch supporter of the medical cause, we will contribute to the fight against the virus in our own field of expertise!

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