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Why do cleanrooms need anti-static?

Jul 27,2020 | Blog

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Accidents caused by static electricity in clean rooms frequently occur. Therefore, the anti-static ability of clean rooms has become an aspect that cannot be ignored in evaluating its quality. The so-called static electricity is that due to friction and other reasons, the uniform neutral state of the positive (+) and negative (-) charges in the object is destroyed, so that the charge is excessive and the object is in a charged state. Because these charges usually do not flow, so Called static electricity.

Accidents caused by static electricity in the clean room include the following aspects in the clean engineering field that has strict requirements for the indoor environment:

1. Electrostatic shock caused by static electricity can cause people's insecurity and fear, and can cause secondary injury.

For example, when a person falls due to an electric shock, he falls and causes injuries.

2. Discharge current caused by electrostatic discharge can cause damage and malfunctions such as semiconductor components.

For example, if 50 P-MOS circuits are placed in a plastic bag and shaken several times, 39 NAND gates have been severely broken down, with a failure rate of 78%. This is because semiconductor devices are very sensitive to electrostatic discharge.

3. Electromagnetic waves generated by electrostatic discharge can cause noise and malfunction of electronic instruments and devices.

4. The luminescence of electrostatic discharge can cause damage to the photosensitivity of photographs.

5. The mechanical phenomenon of static electricity can cause the sieve holes to be blocked by dust, the spinning yarn is chaotic, the printing depth is uneven and the product is contaminated.

6. The most dangerous disaster caused by electrostatic discharge is the explosion caused by the fire source well that becomes combustible.

For example, according to foreign literature statistics, among the 86,000 explosive anesthetics used in the operating room, 36 explosions occurred, of which 21 were caused by static electricity.

The occurrence of static electricity accidents mainly lies in the generation and accumulation of static electricity, and the flow of airflow, the friction between airflow and pipes, vents, filters, etc.

The friction between the human body and the clothes, the friction between the clothes, the grinding process, spraying, jetting, washing, stirring, bonding and peeling, all of which may generate static electricity.

In general, the smaller the conductivity of the non-conductor (insulator), the easier it is to be charged because the charge is not easy to flow after generation.

The problem of static electricity is particularly serious in clean rooms because it not only has the aforementioned various process factors that generate static electricity in the clean room.

Moreover, because many materials in the clean room, such as plastic floors, walls, nylon and other work clothes, have high resistivity, they are very easy to generate static electricity and accumulate static electricity. Before the static electricity disaster in the clean room was not taken seriously, these materials Is widely adopted.

With the development of science and technology, the requirements for antistatic, antibacterial and dustproof in the field of cleanroom engineering are getting higher and higher. Sparks caused by static electricity are prone to fire and explosion, and will affect the normal operation of electronic equipment; environmental pollution produces more bacteria, some (such as Staphylococcus aureus) antibiotics have been ineffectively suppressed, and pathogen infection makes people with weak resistance Life is threatened. In response to higher demands, Wiskind is the first to introduce high-efficiency anti-static, anti-bacterial and dust-proof cleanroom panels in the clean field.

The antistatic cleanroom panel uses the color board coating to add special conductive pigments to make the surface of the color board have a resistance of 10-100. Static electricity can be released through this to prevent dust adhesion and easy to remove. At the same time, the pane is resistant to chemicals, The advantages of wear resistance and pollution resistance. A special antibacterial agent is used in the color plate coating of the antibacterial cleanroom panel, which has a non-toxic and semi-permanent antibacterial effect and far-infrared radiation effect.

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