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What are the factors that affect the clean room of the electronics industry?

Aug 05,2020 | Blog

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With the development of computers, microelectronics and information technology, the rapid development of the electronics manufacturing industry has been promoted, and the development of clean room technology has also been promoted. At the same time, higher requirements have been put forward for the design of modular clean rooms. The clean room design of the electronics manufacturing industry is a comprehensive technology.

Only by fully understanding the design characteristics of the dust-free workshop of the electronics manufacturing industry and achieving reasonable design, can the product defect rate of the electronics manufacturing industry be reduced and production efficiency improved.

Features of electronic clean room

The cleanliness level is required to be high. The air volume, temperature, humidity, pressure difference, and equipment exhaust are controlled on demand. The illuminance and clean room section wind speed are controlled according to design or specifications. In addition, electronic clean rooms have extremely strict requirements for static electricity.

Among them, the requirements for humidity are strict, because static electricity is easily generated in an excessively dry plant, which can cause damage to the CMOS integration.

Generally speaking, the temperature of the electronic workshop should be controlled at about 22℃, and the relative humidity should be controlled between 50-60% (special clean workshops have relevant temperature and humidity regulations). At this time, static electricity can be effectively eliminated and people feel comfortable.

Chip production workshops, integrated circuit clean rooms and disk manufacturing workshops are important components of clean rooms in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Since electronic products have extremely strict requirements on the indoor air environment and quality during the manufacturing and production process, they mainly control particles and floating dust as the main object. At the same time, strict regulations are made on the temperature and humidity of the environment, the amount of fresh air, and noise.

Factors affecting cleanliness

As a huge purification system, the clean room has a large area, but also needs to be divided into complex functional partitions and corresponding buffer supporting rooms, which together constitute a complex air supply and return system.

Therefore, there are many factors that cause the cleanliness of the clean room to be unqualified. mainly includes:

(1) Design level and air conditioning layout

The design level of the clean room and the air conditioning layout are directly related to the cleanliness level of the clean room.

(2) Construction level

The overall construction quality of the plant, the installation quality of the air-conditioning system, air supply system, sewage system and other guarantee equipment are closely related to the cleanliness of the clean room.

(3) Airflow organization

If the airflow organization is unreasonable, the supply airflow cannot fully cover the work area.

The unreasonable position of the air supply and return air outlets will produce higher and larger eddy currents, and the air flow deflection angle of the unidirectional flow clean room is too large.

If the opening area of the return air grille is unreasonably arranged, the return air speed is too high and the return air is not smooth.

(4) High efficiency filter

High-efficiency filter quality problems or installation problems cause the air sent into the clean room to not be effectively filtered, and some dust particles suspended in the air are not filtered, resulting in unqualified clean room cleanliness.

(5) Number of air changes

Insufficient air changes will cause the polluted air in the clean room to not be quickly discharged from the clean room, and too low air changes will not be able to inhibit the pollution of dust sources.

(6) Static pressure difference

The unqualified static pressure difference makes the clean room unable to block the external pollutants from entering the clean room.

(7) Air shower

The air shower room is used as a necessary channel to enter the clean room to reduce pollution problems caused by entering and leaving the clean room. Therefore, its quality is closely related to the cleanliness of the clean room.

(8) Equipment placement

The unreasonable placement of indoor equipment will affect the air flow in the clean room from top to bottom, from the center to the surroundings, causing air turbulence and preventing pollutants from being effectively discharged from the clean room.

(9) New equipment moved in

The process of moving in new equipment needs to connect the clean room environment with the outside atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the moving-in time and the transportation and installation process of the equipment. At the same time, the outer packaging of the equipment must be strictly wiped and cleaned before being moved in.

(10) Chemical substances

Chemical substances in raw materials and derivatives in the production process will produce certain volatiles, which will affect the cleanliness of the clean room.

(11) Cleaning level

Incomplete cleaning of the clean room will result in the accumulation of pollutants in the room, resulting in sanitary blind spots.

(12) Personnel and material operation

During the operation of the clean room, the movement of personnel and materials can easily produce air turbulence around pollution-sensitive activities, which is the main source of pollution for cleanliness.

Excessive material flow, excessive number of operators, and improper wearing of clean clothes will all cause excessive dust emission.

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