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Fighting Wuhan Coronavirus, Wiskind does it

Feb 10,2020 | Company News

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After such a special holiday, Wiskind once again worked with his countrymen to cheer for the motherland and cheer for China. This Spring Festival, we have regrets, fears, and worries, more responsibility, trust, participation, help, and the urgency that we look forward to Wuhan Coronavirus in the past and continue to work in. Now, to fight Wuhan Coronavirus, let's prepare together.Work is tight, but epidemic prevention and control will not be relaxed. We want everyone to exercise self-discipline and do a good job in self-control.

Self-inspection and Self-examination, Communicate with Superiors

1. The factors classified as "risk" include: recent exposure to the epidemic area (including suspected and confirmed cases in the place where they live), recently passing through the epidemic area, fever symptoms of themselves or their family members, rushing to the work place and taking public Transportation, etc. Employees in the above situations shall truthfully inform the company and communicate with their superiors about returning to work.

2. The person in charge of the department should pay attention to the subordinates, and keep abreast of the subordinates' health status, current location, when to return to the premises, and what means of transportation to the resident.

3. Special reminders, partners with the above circumstances, if there is no special job needs, first do isolation at home or isolation at the premises, without permission to enter the resident park.

Enter Wiskind and Let Us Escort the Health of Our Companions

1. All employees must wear masks in Wiskind, on the shuttle bus all day, throughout the day, and Wiskind will arrange multiple inspections every day.

2. The temperature of the shuttle bus and the entrance of the factory is tested. All personnel must consciously accept the temperature measurement. Those above 37.3 ℃ cannot take the shuttle bus or enter Wiskind.

3. Encourage self-driving. All vehicles should be disinfected before entering the factory. For example, if the temperature is abnormal or other abnormalities are found, you must cooperate with the relevant staff to escort the health of the partners around you.

Departmental Body Temperature Test Twice a Day After Work

Before going to work in the morning and before going to work in the afternoon, the department's body temperature was tested separately. Persons with abnormal body temperature quickly left for inspection and reported to the company.

Least Contact, Least Cross

Wiskind eats in 4 batches and strictly follows the "three fixed" principle of "prescribed time, place, and area". language.Meetings and activities to reduce the organization of meetings, learning, activities, etc., if necessary, must be seated at intervals, the distance between people is more than 1 meter, and choose a larger venue according to the number of people.

Strict Disinfection, Rest Assured

Wiskind comprehensively controls the spaces that employees may enter and public facilities that may be in contact with them, strictly disinfects routinely, and disinfects public areas such as office buildings, production plants, dormitories, restaurants, and bathroom exhibition halls 2-4 times; The conference room is disinfected immediately after the meeting; all vehicles entering the factory area (including company-owned vehicles, employee vehicles, customer vehicles, transportation vehicles, etc.) are disinfected and inspected.

Attentive Customer Service and Full Security

During the epidemic, Wiskind advocated business communication and negotiation through electronic communication and the Internet, and all our business personnel were in place. Wiskind has prepared masks, disinfection supplies, warm meals, and self-prevention management in the factory area. You come, we will live up to your trust.

The epidemic is ruthless, and we have love. The company is fully committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for every Wiskind person, and also for every Wiskind pioneer who has always adhered to his post to fight the epidemic with the company and respond to the needs of customers to fight the epidemic. Like, 2020 we will not be afraid of challenges, we will win.

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