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Wiskind Cleanroom Non-standard Panel Automated Production Line Put Into

Jan 09,2020 | Company News

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On December 31, 2019, the launch conference of Wiskind's cleanroom non-standard panel automated production line was held at the headquarters. At the conference, the "Clean technology changes the world" promotional film premiered.

The cleanroom non-standard panel automatic production line won the second prize of the Wiskind Group's R & D and Innovation in 2019, and greatly improved the clean and flexible production capacity of Wiskind, becoming a key step on the road to intelligent production.

Through in-depth research and continuous innovation, the commissioning of the non-standard board automated production line has solved the problems of unstable quality and insufficient capacity elasticity of cleanroom panels, and achieved innovative effects such as variable flexible production, stable quality, and 180% increase in production efficiency. The improvement of non-standard panels quality and production capacity will provide customers with a higher level of customized services.

At the press conference, the Wiskind cleanroom proposed a new development vision "To be the Trustworthiest Global Enterprise in the Cleanroom System World", and established a comprehensive implementation plan for automation and informatization. In the future, the Wiskind cleanroom will continue to promote the "lean + informatization + intelligent" factory upgrade strategy to ensure the industry's leading position in the smart factory. With customers as the center, it will provide leading technologies for the cleanroom enclosure system in various sub-sectors solution.

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