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Wiskind Cleanroom Shandong Jinan Summit Ends Perfectly

Jan 09,2020 | Company News

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On December 27, 2019, the Wiskind Cleanroom Shandong Jinan Summit was successfully held, and a number of innovations in product systems and service systems were unveiled. The theme of the forum was "Innovation, Cooperation and Win-Win", and well-known companies in the Shandong regional clean engineering industry came to exchange.

At the forum, Wiskind's intelligent design and intelligent delivery collaborative management platform was released. The layout of the cleanroom enclosure system will realize intelligent scenario applications, and the digital layout will be more accurate and flexible. Through digital innovation, intelligent design and intelligent delivery platform, we can provide smarter one-stop services for customers and the industry.

In exchanges and interactions, innovative products have received significant attention. Cleanroom ideal grade panel, Endure® cleanroom panel is jointly developed by Wiskind and DuPont. It has super chemical resistance and can resist the erosion caused by VHP disinfection and alcohol wiping.

Master series of cleanroom doors, with overall bending and conjoined welding, excellent strength and flatness performance; double-sealed design of the door body, and providing full life cycle maintenance services.In terms of master cleanroom windows, in addition to powerful functions such as high sealing, anti-fogging and dew condensation, and post-installation solutions, innovative products such as fire-resistant windows, dimming windows, and louver windows show diverse and personalized features.

Wiskind Shandong Jinan Summit

With higher technological innovation capabilities, Wiskind Cleanroom continuously releases innovation potential, creates brand-new products and service experiences, meets the growing market demand in professional fields, provides personalized, intelligent, one-stop innovative solutions, and promotes the industrial chain. Coordinated development of upstream and downstream.

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