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Wiskind & EPCM International Forum: New Clean Room Products Released

Nov 11,2019 | Company News

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On November 4, 2019, the 4th International Forum of EPCM Pharmaceutical Engineering and Intelligent Manufacturing Symposium was held at Chongqing Junhao Hotel.

Liu Shilin, the chief R & D engineer of Wiskind, gave an important speech. The overall design solution and analysis of construction difficulties of the clean plant were widely recognized. Patented cleanroom doors, master cleanroom windows, and assembled removable air return wall panels became hot spots of the forum.

Intelligent manufacturing promotes technology upgrading

Liu Shilin, the chief R & D engineer of Wiskind, focused on the cleanroom enclosure system solutions and intelligent manufacturing. He demonstrated the Wiskind system concept and technological innovation from the aspects of building modularity, functional integration, BIM-based technical services, and environmental friendliness, leading the industry Future technology development.

Wiskind's cleanroom enclosure system uses an assembled design concept, and through modular construction, it responds to the pharmaceutical industry upgrade with a high-efficiency and high-standard cleanroom.

Obtained the national patent for the overall one-piece cleanroom corner system, removable cleanroom wall panel system, integrated return wall panel, and assembled opening system. From the aspects of structure, materials and construction, the design and construction level of the cleanroom has been greatly improved, and clean functional integration has been achieved.Energy-saving insulation, cold-proof bridge, antibacterial, VHP disinfection, etc.

Technology upgrading creates product innovation

At the forum, Wiskind launched a series of innovative products such as master cleanroom doors, frameless doors, master windows, new openable cleanroom windows and assembled removable air return wall panels.

The master cleanroom door adopts special reinforced hinge fasteners and lock body fasteners. The traditional point connection is changed to a multi-contact surface connection, and the door body connection is more uniformly and more powerful. Special reinforcement structure is used around the door leaf, and it forms an integral force with the hinge reinforcement fastener and lock body fastener.


1.The master cleanroom door is double sealed. Tested by the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the positive and negative wind pressure ratings can reach level 6.

2.The Master Gate serves the entire life cycle. The master door lock adopts custom German GEZE lock. After 500,000 opening and closing experiments, the door is guaranteed for 2 years and free maintenance for life.

3.The clean door products launched by Wiskind cleanroom technology are the first products in the industry that have been tested by the national construction engineering quality supervision and testing center. They can achieve many indicators such as resistance to wind pressure/air tightness/impact of soft objects, resistance to vertical load and resistance to static distortion.

The cleanroom door products launched by Wiskind Cleanroom system are the first products in the industry to be tested by the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. index.Representatives of technology flow of the whole industrial chain conducted in-depth discussions on EPCM engineering general contract, engineering practice pain points and difficulties, automation and informatization of pharmaceutical industry and other hot issues, and played an active role in promoting technical progress, service innovation and healthy ecology of the industry.

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