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Dupont™ Tedlar®PVF Material Exchange Was Successfully Held At Wiskind

Oct 16,2019 | Company News

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On October 15, vice President cheng zhijian of YiehPhui (China) visited Wiskind together with Umut, head of global sales of DuPont, Fallyn, head of global market and Maken, marketing manager of asia-pacific region.A tripartite meeting was held on “Dupont's Tedlar®PVF" products.

Wiskind Shared its valuable experience in the development of the industry and described the research on the corrosion resistance of PVF laminar-coated plate, which dupont highly affirmed. Meanwhile, Dupont technicians gave professional answers to the problems that may be encountered in the future application of “Tedlar®PVF" product.

Dupont technical manager zhang honggui's introduction of "Tedlar®PVF" products has aroused a heated discussion among three parties. The outstanding performance advantages of "Tedlar®PVF" products meet the requirements of different industries and fields, and are widely used in various fields and have broad market prospects.

At the same time, dupont technicians gave professional answers to the problems that may be encountered in the future application of "Tedlar®PVF" products.

About Tedlar®PVF material

The appearance and interior of the building are as durable as new guarantee.

PVF is a polyfluoroethylene material invented by Dupont in the 1940s. Tedlar® is a registered trademark of PVF, which was put into commercial application in 1961.For more than 50 years, it has been widely used in aerospace, building walls and roofs, solar cell modules, outdoor advertising and interior surface protection and other industries.

This meeting is a good start for all the three parties. I believe that the world's leading technologies and products can be applied to the market as soon as possible through joint efforts to meet the more diverse needs of users.

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