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Fireproof Tempered Glass Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Windows

Glass for fire resistance in the event of fire, Fire-rated glass stops the inflow of oxygen, de-fuelling the firestops the spread of flame, smoke and hot toxic gasescan reduce radiant & conducted heat transmission. Protects life and guards against property loss.

Lead Time: 7-15

Specifications: 1180mmx1200mm,2363mmx1200mm Customize


Glass: “5mm+5mm” Double Fireproof Glass

Window Frame: Aluminum Alloy

Fill in: Molecular Sieve Desiccant

Frame Shape: Round Corner Window, Right Angle Window

Window TCK: 50mm,75mm,100mm

Application: Pharmaceutical Cleanroom,Electronic Cleanroom,Food Cleanroom,etc.

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  1180mmx1200mm,2363mmx1200mm Customize                                                                                              


  “5mm+5mm” Double Fireproof Glass 

Window Frame    

  Aluminum Alloy ,Stainless Steel

Fill in

  Molecular Sieve Desiccant

Frame Shape

  Round Corner Window, Right Angle Window

Window TCK


Side Color 



  Pharmaceutical Cleanroom,Electronic Cleanroom,Food Cleanroom,etc. 

Fireproof glass, in the fire prevention, is mainly to control the spread of fire or smoke. It is a kind of fireproof material, and its fireproof effect is evaluated by fire resistance. It is a special glass that has been specially processed and treated to maintain its integrity and thermal insulation in specified fire tests. The original glass of fireproof glass can be made of float flat glass, tempered glass, composite fireproof glass can also be made of single piece fireproof glass.


1. Specification:980mmx1200mm,1963mmx1200mmFactory can be customized.

2. All window units of the Wiskind modular cleanroom system are double glazed and flush with the two surfaces of the wall panel system. They arebeautiful and easy to clean. 


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Fireproof Tempered Glass Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Windows

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