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Smart Switchable Dimming Glass Cleanroom Windows With Privacy Protection Function

The dimming glass cleanroom windows made of electro-optic liquid crystal atomizing glass. It adopts the working principle of transparent point and power-off atomization. It can be operated remotely and is suitable for various clean room special scenes.


Glass: Dimming Glass

Window Frame: Aluminum Alloy

Fill in: Hollow,Argon

Frame Shape: Round,L Shape

Window TCK: 50mm,75mm,100mm

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Wiskind dimming glass cleanroom window is a new type of special photoelectric glass product which is composed of liquid crystal film interlayer into two layers of glass.The user controls the transparency and opacity of the glass by controlling whether the current is switched on or off.The glass itself has all the features of security glass, and at the same time has the privacy protection function to control whether the glass is transparent or not.

Working principle:

When the electronic control products turn off the power supply, the liquid crystal molecules in the electrically controlled dimming glass cleanroom window will present an irregular distribution state.After electrification, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged neatly, and the light can penetrate freely. At this time, the electrically controlled liquid crystal glass presents a transparent state.

Dimming glass can be used in pharmaceutical factories, food factories and other places that need to protect privacy.Installed flush with Wiskind clean room doors, beautiful and elegant.

1、Privacy protection function: The maximum function of smart dimming glass is privacy protection function, which can control the transparent opacity of glass at any time.

2、It has the advantages of safety glass, including the safety performance of preventing debris splash after rupture, and the impact strength is good.

3、Environmental protection features: The dimming film and film in the middle of the dimming glass can insulate and block more than 99% of the ultraviolet rays and 98% of the infrared rays. Part of the shielding infrared reduces heat radiation and transmission. The shielding of ultraviolet rays can protect the furnishings in the room from fading and aging due to ultraviolet radiation, and protect people from diseases caused by direct ultraviolet rays.

4、Sound insulation characteristics: The dimming film and film in the middle of the dimming glass have sound damping effect. Partially block noise.

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Smart Switchable Dimming Glass Cleanroom Windows With Privacy Protection Function

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