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Food safety

Apr 23,2023 | Marketing Campaign

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On April 20-22, 2023, the China International Meat Industry Exhibition was successfully concluded in Qingdao World Expo City. The exhibition covers an area of more than 80,000 square meters. Exhibitors include meat processing, quick-frozen meat, deep-processed meat, slaughtering equipment, As well as production and processing supporting facilities and equipment, etc., Wiskind appeared at the exhibition, and discussed with many outstanding enterprises in the industry and senior food industry experts the road of high-quality innovation and development of the meat industry in the new era.

For the three-day exhibition, Wiskind provided comprehensive, systematic solutions and product displays based on its rich industry experience to customers. The booth attracted countless customers from home and abroad to communication at the booth.

Highlight 1: The booth presents a variety of details

The 45th anniversary of Wiskind's founding element debut

Strong interaction between immersive templates

Let the technical connotation be visible to the naked eye

Highlight 2: presenting a professional food enclosure system

The cleanroom workshop of a food factory can be roughly divided into three areas: general operation area, quasi-cleaning area, and cleaning operation area. The cleanliness, temperature and humidity requirements of food production and the cleanliness, temperature and humidity requirements of different stages of food production are also different. Walls, ceilings, doors and windows also have different requirements

There are common misunderstandings in the construction of cleanroom workshops - "one panel for multiple purposes", and not paying attention to the connection between the wall , the ground and the top of the wall. According to the different cleanliness, temperature and humidity of the above three major production areas, Wiskind has developed and produced products including:

Endure® panels that meet the corrosion resistance of harsh environments such as blood and oil stains.

A stainless steel waterproof wall base that deals with the erosion of the ground with scouring, cleaning, disinfection and flushing of the downstream sills.

And the combined application of different surface materials and core materials.

Quality and safety are the cornerstones of the healthy economic operation and sustainable development of the meat industry. Wiskind guarantees the safety of food production from the source, and escorts the establishment of a new development pattern for my country's meat industry, the transformation and upgrading of the meat industry, the increase in the supply of high-quality products, and sustainable development.

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