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Wiskind assisted the successful holding of the 3rd Annual Meeting of Pharmaceutical Engineering Equipment Managers

Apr 17,2023 | Marketing Campaign

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The 3rd (Chengdu) Pharmaceutical Engineering Equipment Managers Annual Conference of Dandelion was successfully held in Chengdu Bio-city from April 15th to 16th, 2023. This is a grand event in the field of pharmaceutical engineering equipment. Scholars gathered in the Land of Abundance to talk about the new era of pharmaceutical engineering!

The two-day meeting will gather many high-level government officials, biopharmaceutical companies, equipment manufacturers, and new drug research and development companies to interpret the latest relevant policies, discuss future development directions, and jointly usher in the tide of innovation in the field of biopharmaceuticals at home and abroad.

Guo Qingchen, Director of Wiskind Cleanroom Sales Center, spoke at the meeting that the interior decoration of cleanrooms and related controlled environments is crucial to the construction of pharmaceutical factories. In the current "Pharmaceutical Industry Cleanroom Plant Construction Standards", there are clear construction implementation specifications for cleanroom installations, wall panels, doors and windows, ceilings, and sealed connections with the ground and return air systems.

In the implementation of rich biomedical projects, Wiskind constantly summarizes the high-quality experience in the implementation of cleanroom enclosure systems for different drugs, processes, key processes, and production methods, so as to conduct extreme research on the flatness, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance of panels, researched and developed products including air return wall, new one piece cornerEndure® and other products, injecting innovation into the development of the industry.

In addition, Mr. Guo, on behalf of Wiskind, released a brand-new sales and service network layout, as well as the announcement that the Southwest Manufacturing Base of Wiskind has been formally established, which will greatly improve the national supply system of Wiskind.

Our country's biomedical industry has been elevated to an important level as a pillar industry, and is developing rapidly under the general trend of policy-driven, scientific and technological progress, and healthy new economic upgrading. Pharmaceutical production is beneficial to the country and the people, let us work together for the development of China's pharmaceutical industry.

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