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Liangzhilong Prefabricated Vegetable Processing and Packaging Equipment Exhibition ended successfully

Apr 03,2023 | Marketing Campaign

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From 28th to 31st, March, Liangzhilong 2023-The 11th Prefabricated Vegetable Processing and Packaging Equipment Exhibition was held at the Wuhan Living Room Cultural Expo Center. The duration of exhibition is 4 days, which can better meet the customer needs of food production enterprises. The exhibition was unprecedentedly grand and became a hotspot of online celebrities in Wuhan this month.

Zhonglian (China) Central Kitchen Research Institute, together with the Liangzhilong Organizing Committee, the Central Kitchen Research Institute of China Cuisine Association, and high-quality upstream and downstream manufacturers of the prepared vegetable industry, including Wiskind, created Zhonglian Central Kitchen at this exhibition (Prefabricated dishes) Integrated Pavilion. As the only designated food manufacturing plant enclosure system solution brand, Wiskind has jointly injected new ideas into the high-quality development of the food manufacturing industry.

The central kitchen and prepared vegetable industry has shown a thriving scene after the epidemic. The exhibition ushered in a large number of professional visitors. The exhibition area of Wiskind booth is divided into: the overall enclosure system model room of food clean workshop, and the exhibition area of cold storage enclosure products, which attracted many professional visitors.

The operation mode of the central kitchen is a standardized, normalized, digitized, industrialized, scientific and efficient. It is the basic guarantee for large-scale chain catering enterprises to win the market. Wiskind has become the preferred cooperative brand of many central kitchen enterprises with its systematic and scientific solutions, with efficient and high-quality service advantages.

Wiskind will continue to optimize product structure, continuously improve the product quality management, making sure the controlled environment of food production from the source of production, providing better services and more complete and efficient integrated solutions, and making sure "safety on the tip of the tongue".

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