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Creating eternal and beautiful cleanroom space | Wiskind attended the 14th Asia International Pharmaceutical Exhibition, Bangladesh| Wiskind attended the 14th Asia International Pharmaceutical Exhibition, Bangladesh

Feb 14,2023 | Marketing Campaign

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Creating eternal and beautiful cleanroom space | Wiskind attended the 14th Asia International Pharmaceutical Exhibition, Bangladesh

From March 2nd to March 4th, 2023, the 14th Asia International Pharmaceutical Exhibition was held at the ICCB International Convention Center, Bangladesh. Wiskind, as a representative of Chinese manufacturers in the field of cleanroom enclosure systems, attended the exhibition.

As the largest and most influential exhibition in Bangladesh, the 14th Asia International Pharmaceutical Exhibition is the only exhibition of pharmaceutical raw materials and medical equipment with international standards. The exhibition attracted more than 390 companies from cleanroom enclosure systems, cleanroom air filtration systems, cleanroom water treatment systems, cleanroom supplies. There are over 12,000 attendants from over 28 countries and regions.

Wiskind brought a new type of air return wall, one piece corner, HIGYSTEEL® panel, and Endure® panel to the exhibition. Professional visitors flocked to the booth. We welcomed and talked to visitors from all over the world in a professional and rigorous manner.

Air return wall

Wiskind 100mm air return wall panel replaces the return air column and 100 thick hollow shrapnel wall in the buffer room for changing clothes and taking off shoes, with an average return air volume of 500m3/h, which improves the scope of use of cleanroom space. The return air module is prefabricated in the factory. The on-site installation is convenient and fast so that the construction efficiency is improved.

Endure® panel

Wiskind's independent research and development of Endure® is mainly suitable for various disinfection environments such as VHP disinfection, alcohol, and Progeramine wipes in B-level areas of clean rooms such as biological products, blood products, and vaccines. It is a special panel for biological cleanrooms.

One piece corner

The corner of the cleanroom is made into an integral corner panel, so that the corner position is smooth and seamless, and the interface is tighter, preventing air leakage and dust accumulation at the seam. It is convenient for cleaning and disinfection.

In the field of biopharmaceuticals, Wiskind has rich experience and complete product system. Wiskind has successfully provided system solutions, products and services for well-known domestic and foreign companies in biological research and development, pharmaceutical production, and medical health. Wiskind has never stopped the research and development of differentiated technology and products for cleanroom enclosure systems in controlled environments at home and abroad, in order to meet the needs of different customers around the world for cleanroom environments.

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